Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Düsseldorf Diaries

I recently visited Germany for the first time ever. I cannot believe I have lived so close and studied German for a year and it has taken me to the grand old age of 26 to visit the country. My older brother turned the big 3 0 at the start of the year and to celebrate he planned a trip to Dusseldorf. The logic behind this choice was that we could pop on over to a football match in…I’d like to say Dortmund but I actually can’t remember. However lady fate swept on in and decided to shut half of the stadium making it impossible to actually buy a ticket. Nevertheless we sure kept ourselves entertained. 

There were around 15 of us in total who went on this trip. First to arrive was my sister and I, who landed late on a Thursday night. We managed to buy a train tickets and hop on a train with minutes to spare so smoothly. Then when we got to Dusseldorf centre and ended up rolling our suitcases around for almost an hour to find our hotel, when it should have been a quick 15 minute walk. Such tourists. We stayed in a quirky place called Max Brown hotel in the Japanese quarter. The whole place was fabulously decorate, the rooms were cute and the beds were extra comfy. The stay also included breakfast, which was very tasty. Plus it was just a short walking distance from most things.

We went in February which was a very cold time of year to go, as expected. So if you’re going around that time then pack your winter outerwear essentials. We still went on a long walk around the city to find the sights but with a grey sky it was a little more chilly than magical. Not too chilly to appreciate the cobbled streets, long harbour and rare bursts of colour. We went to see a few of the ‘top things to do in Dusseldorf’ landmarks. This included the Rheinturm, which is the city’s tallest building. We only visited from the ground and didn’t actually go up due to time constraints. But you can get 360 views in the observation deck by day and dine by night, so probably worth a visit on a clear day or for a romantic meal. We also went to see some of the cool modern architecture including the Neue Zollhof as well as walking along the Rhine embankment. 

During the day the place was really rather empty, but at night thousands upon thousands of people crawl out from wherever they were hiding during the day to go to one of the many drinking establishments. The Dusseldorfer Altsadt is known as the longest bar in Europe, which is a title that I think it deserves. There is just so much choice and every single place is lively. I did think it was a touch brits abroad, with a large portion of the establishments being ‘irish bars’. Although brits abroad is definitely a theme I try to avoid when going on holiday, it was actually a lot of fun. Perfect for a big group like the one I went with. 

I also discovered Germany is big on festivals. While we were there we met someone called Chris who told us they were the guardian of the prince. He tipsily told us this while sat on a bar stool with a pint in hand, so we found this difficult to believe to say the least. The next day we saw a big parade going though the town. Turns out rich people pay to be treated like a prince or princess for a few months. And there in said parade was Chris, guarding the prince. It was a beautiful moment. We also managed to visit Cologne, which was around a half hour train away. There were so many people of a certain age dressed up. They were dressed as clowns, scarecrows and, well, in some really bizarre outfits. We asked a waiter what it was about and all he said was it is a festival for only the old people and it lasts for three months and there would be parties everywhere.

So would I visit Dusseldorf again? I don’t think I’ll be rushing to buy a plane ticket, but I also won’t be going out of my way to avoid going. I did have fun there, like a lot of fun. But I don’t think there was a massive amount to see. If I did go back I would like to visit during summer as I think this will allow for a few more things to do.



  1. Ah you summed it up perfectly! Like you say no rush to go back, but was such a random mad hatter trip! Nice pics


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