Tuesday, 25 April 2017

ASOS Spring Haul + Try On

I’m not sure if you have noticed, I have mentioned it on my Twitter, Instagram, this blog itself and to anyone I have met in person, but I am absolutely loving the warmer weather. The sun has just put me in an amazing mood and I am spending my time running around outside or day dreaming about going on holiday. I love how it has put everybody else in a better mood too. As well as making everything look a lot prettier…blossoms everywhere! 

Once it became apparent that Spring had finally sprung, I decided to pack up my Autumn/Winter wardrobe and unpack my Spring/Summer wardrobe. After all of my big jumpers had been packed away it made my wardrobe look all sad and empty. so to ASOS I headed to give it a bit of a season refresh and a pop of colour. All of the links are at the bottom.

The first thing I looked for was a denim skirt. I have been wearing my current one to death so though it would be handy to have an alternative. I really wanted one with an elasticated waist because, well, it’s comfortable. I also wanted more of a looser fit on the bottom, rather than the fitted a-line version I currently had. It’s a little bit longer, which I purposefully went for. I wanted a skirt I could wear to the office without tights on when it’s gets even warmer. 

I also wanted some new crops tops to tuck into my skirts. Throughout winter I stocked up on the more fitted, turtle neck types, which aren’t ideal for Spring. I go from 0 to 100 degrees celsius in 30 seconds. This one is a loose fit (I really am all about the comfort) with a nice colour details around the neck. I got in in white, as you can see, but I also picked up a grey one too. They were so cheap I could not resist.

I have been loving accessories lately, including handbags! So I used Spring as an excuse to purchase a new one. This one just screams sunny days in the park. There is so much to love about it. The embroidery is very on trend. The colours are bright and vibrant. The tassels add a nice touch. The canvas type material with sort of drawstring handle reminds me of a beach bag, and it’s definitely big enough to pack a towel and a book and head to the shore. It’s just the perfect Spring/Summer bag really.

I have not bought myself a pair of sunglasses in years. I was keeping my eye out for a reflective lens pair when I came across these on ASOS. I love the sort of bluey/purpely tint to them. They were such a good price too.

Finally I picked up another cactus top. Yes, another! Is there even such a thing as too many cacti tops? It even has a mildly punny slogan on the sleeve - ‘on point’. To be honest I did not realise this when I purchased it but I actually kinda like it. It’s a bright hot pink which is not a shade I usually wear, but I really wanted to add some bright colours into the mix. I love colours and I do have quite a mix already, just not much pink. It’s a sort of box shape that looks a bit too boyish when it’s not tucked into anything for my taste. I have been wearing it tucked into high waisted jeans and skirts or underneath my denim dress. 

The jeans I am wearing in these pics are actually from ASOS too but I bought them about 2 years ago now. However they are becoming a firm favourite in my Spring wardrobe. Who doesn’t love distressed denim? 


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  1. You styled some lovely Spring OOTDs! I love the look of the See You Soon Denim Chambre Skater Skirt and the pink colour of the Asos T-shirt With Cactus On Point Embroidery.



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