Friday, 9 December 2016

Underrated Christmas Films

Everybody loves Elf, Home Alone is a classic and the Nightmare Before Christmas is pretty awesome. It’s a Wonderful Life is a must-see and Love Actually will give you all the feels. But what about the other Christmas films? There’s so many out there but all I seem to hear about are the bigs dogs. What about the Daschunds of the Christmas film world. Here are three of my favourite…

The Last Holiday

Queen Latifah at her finest. So this film is basically about a woman (Queen Latifah) who works for a retail store but is not reaping the benefits from her hard work. She finds out she has mere weeks left to live, 3 weeks in fact, so she quits her job, cashes in all her bongs and savings then flies away to Europe on her dream vacation. This film is great because you get to vicariously live through her. Who hasn’t dreamed about doing this? And she doesn’t do it half-heartedly. She lives the life of luxury and makes some pretty fancy friends. It’s a feel-good, some-scenes-are-impossible-but-you-love-it-anyway kinda film. And it’s on Netflix!

Jack Frost

This was one of my favourite Christmas movies growing up. The dads a dreamy musician who is trying to make it home in time for Christmas when he dies in a car crash. All of the major feels right. Fast forward a year and his young son makes a snow man, play his dads harmonica and voila! The snowman outside is embodied with his dads spirit. If that’s not a perfect story line I don’t know what i!

The Family Man

I had to slip a cheeky Nicolas Cage film in here too. I think this may be one of those films you shouldn’t admit to liking but I really like it. So Nicolas Cage is some big-shot person at whatever job he does, something in business I think. He disarms a gunman in a grocery store then some way or another he wakes up in bed with his ex-love of his life. They have a whole family together and don’t have that much spare money to throw around. He’s told this is how his life would have ended up if he stayed with her. Let the good times begin….

I really love watching cheesy Christmas films. The amount of TV only films I have watched (channel 5 is a good one for these) is embarrassingly high. Which ones would recommend watching?


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