Monday, 5 December 2016

My Christmas Routine

I love hearing about peoples different Christmas routines. Guess I’m a little nosey! Everyone seems to do it a little differently, even if the basic structure is the same. So I thought I would share my Christmas routine in case there are other nosey buggers out there. I’m going to include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Christmas Eve

So since I no longer live in my hometown whenever I go back home I’m darting around the town trying to fit in a visit with everyone. So during the day I’ll be at the home(s) of whatever family member is available that day. At night time we ALWAYS go to the pub. Back in the day there used to be so many of us out! Alas, the numbers have diminished somewhat over the years. 

As we’re getting older people have started families of their own so they will be at home with the kids, or they are at that age where they can’t recover from a hangover like they used to and don’t want to be hungover on Christmas morning. There’s still a good crowd who do go out though and it’s an easy way to fit in seeing a lot of people in one go. So at 1am Christmas morning you’ll probably find me in the local pub belting out “all i want for Christmas…”.

Christmas Day

Just like when I was a kid I always get up early on Christmas day. I’m just too excited to sleep even with a mild hangover from last nights shenanigans. It's a little later now I'm grown up, more of a 7am rather than a 5 am wake up. My parents separated around 6 years ago and since then we usually spend Christmas day at my mums. Once all of us are out of bed we eat breakfast together. After this we start opening up presents (eek). I love seeing what everyone got and their reactions to the gifts I bought. 

We pop on down to see my Grandma for a few hours in the afternoon then head back on home for Christmas dinner. This usually involves eating delicious food while reminiscing about what we got up to when we were younger. The evening is finished up with a few drinks and some Christmas telly/films.

Boxing Day

On Boxing day we head on over to my dads for Christmas day take 2. We used to take the dog for a walk in the fields behind his house but unfortunately he passed away earlier this year :( . However, I am taking the ferrets back home with me so we can take them on a little walk. Around lunch time we gather in the living room and exchange gifts. My dad then cracks on with cooking the Christmas meal and setting the table all fancy while we all natter away and snack on celebrations, roses or whatever nibbles are available. 

Our bellies are filled yet again with even more delicious food! In the evening we all have a few alcoholic beverages and share stories and watch Christmas programmes. We might play a few rounds of board games or card games.

So that’s my traditional family Christmas, or at least for the past 6 or so years. My favourite part is having everyone in one room together reminiscing about our younger years. There’ s so many stories that come out, some of which I have forgotten. We could be such trouble makers when we were little. What are your Christmas traditions?



  1. Sounds like you have a lovely Christmas planned, not long now until it's here!

    1. I replied a while ago hit its doesn't appear to have posted! Thanks, how do you spend yours? Definitely not long left now!


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