Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Manchester Christmas Markets

The markets are one of my favourite things about Christmas. I love everything about them: the stalls, the food, the atmosphere, everything. Well, maybe everything except the ridiculous crowds and the ridiculous prices. Lucky for me I work in the centre of Manchester so I can pop in during the week on my lunch, so that solves the crowd problem (everything it still way over priced though). Manchester has amazing markets, people come from all over to see them. They’ve really started to take over the city now.

There’s the main part at the town hall, where the big santa is. One of my offices is right next to this so I always see Santa being built and I get so excited, it’s like seeing the coca-cola truck! Around this area there are tonnes of food stalls selling cheese, olives, chocolate, meat, bratwursts, toasties, fudge, mushrooms, everything you can think of. They also build the indoor bar area, which has an upstairs so you can look out onto the markets. Here you can warm up with a hot chocolate or a mulled wine.

So aside from food you can also pick up ALL of the Christmas paraphernalia. There’s personalised door signs, clay pots, little houses, baubles, ornamental santas, snowmen and reindeers, signs, trees, jewellery and a whole lot more. I picked up a cute little squirrel this year to put on the mantle piece.I love looking at these stalls but my lord they are so expensive!! A little gnome thing was £18! I just can’t justify spending that amount.

There are stalls all over the city now, outside the Andale there is a hog roast and a carousel and plenty more things. It’s definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been before. What markets would you recommend? Have you been to any good ones this year?

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