Sunday, 11 December 2016

I'm Dreaming Of A Lush Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Well, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. So instead I’m going to dream of a Lush Christmas. The other day I popped into Lush on the hunt for some of their festive themed products. I only planned on picking up a couple of items but I couldn’t resist picking up a couple more (oops).

The first thing I just had to get was ‘The Magic of Christmas Bubble’ bar (£5.95). I think I first saw this one, maybe two years ago in a Zoella Lush Haul. It’s SO pretty and magical. It gold and super sparkly. Then to top it off there a little red bow at the bottom of the star with a bell on!What I really like about this one is it’s a reusable bar, so you can just pop it under the tap when you’re running the bath then leave on the side (or wherever you want to, there’s no rules for this part) then reuse it another day.

So for a while all I ever got from Lush was the bath bombs. I’ve started to become a bit more adventurous in the past year, branching out into their other products. So when I went to the store this time I purposely tried to look for Christmas themed products that weren’t bath bombs. And Lush did not disappoint. So one thing I got was the ‘Snowman’ shower jelly (£3.95). I’m really excited to try this out. According to the label it’s better to pop it into the freezer first for “an extra fresh feeling”. 

The next non bath bomb item I picked up was the ‘Santa’ fun. I’ve had one of these products before from a gift set I got last year. You make whatever shapes you want out of them before picking a small piece off and then use as  shower gel. Or you can pop it under running water too. They had an elf on of these as well, but I really liked the santa colours. 

Finally, the last item i picked up was another re-usable bubble bar. I was stood in the shop trying to decide between the two as I felt it was too excessive to get both. But I’ve wanted the star one for ages and this one is a fricking dinosaur in a santa hat! How are you meant to choose just one? So this little guys name is ‘Santasaurus’ bubble bar (£5.95). The boyfriend loves dinosaurs so he’ll get some us out of this one as well. 

They were my favourite picks from the festive themed Lush products. There were a few more I had my eye on, such as the snow fairy bubble bath/shower gel. Alas, I couldn’t get them all. Have you seen any you like this year? What’s your favourite?


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