Thursday, 22 December 2016

Gift Wrapping from Hobbycraft

I’m more of a Jedward than Adele when it comes to wrapping gifts. Usually my presents look like they were wrapped by a drunk 5 year old on a particularly rocky ferry journey. After years of this being the case I have decided to put a little more effort into wrapping my gifts this year. One look I really like is the classic brown-paper-tied-with-string look. Simple yet elegant. And minimal effort too, which is mucho important.

So I got all of my gift wrapping essentials from (drum roll)……Hobbycraft. Which you may have guessed if you read the title. I have never thought about going to Hobbycraft for gift wrapping before but I was searching online for brown paper wrapping and they popped up. Really glad I found them, their wrapping paper is so cheap and good quality. I bought two rolls at £2 each but I think I’m just going to need the one. I’ve almost finished wrapping my prezzies already and still got quite a bit left. I also bought some metallic twine roll at £1 each. I actually wanted some red and green twine but they’d already sold out *sad face*. The black and gold twine has grown on me and I bought some black tags with brown twine to go with it, you get 20 for £2. Although I forgot to pick up a silver pen to write peoples names on and I only have a black pen d’oh.

Are you a fan of the born paper and string look? How have you wrapped your prezzies this year?

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