Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas Jumpers

One of my favourite things about Christmas time is the winter fashion. Wrapping up warm in oversized jumpers, blanket scarves and chunky socks is my idea of heaven. Not only is it all super cosy but it is also oh so much more forgiving than summer fashion. We’re in December now and getting ever closer to Christmas, so it’s time to throw on an adorable or so-ugly-it’s-amazing festive jumper. I have done a little digging around on the internet so you don’t have to! Here are a few of my favourites.

So this one is quite pretty with the red/pink colours and the love hearts and candy cane pattern. It's very girly and more one I would wear in public, to the office or out to the shops. Not that I wouldn't wear some of the garish ones outside but this is a bit more subtle than others. And it's really cute.

This is another one I would wear out and about in public. It's subtle but still very Christmasy. The gingerbread men and women are adorable with their little hats and scarves. 

This one’s quite simplistic with a classic red and white pattern. I'm actually going with a red and white theme for the Christmas tree this year. Old school style. And at just £15 this one is such a bargain, it’d be silly not to!

Ok so I saw this and just had to include it. It’s punny and it has John Snow on. Puns and John Snow, do you need anything else is your life? No. No you do not.

5Tesco Value Funny Jumper (Etsy £19.99)

Okay so I was at the pub recently and someone walked in wearing this. I don't know why it tickled me so much but it did. If you want to go towards the funny side when choosing a jumper this year, definitely get this one!

So they’re just a few I have found. There’s so many goods jumpers out there, how are you meant to choose just the one? Have you found any goods ones this year?

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