Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Christmas Decorations

One of my favourites parts of Christmas is decorating the house and the tree. I always forget how much fun it is until I do it, then I start to feel like a little kid again. Last  year I found so many things that I liked but this year I was a bit underwhelmed with what the shops had to offer. I don’t know if I was being too picky, I don’t think I was. But it was a real struggle to actually find things I liked. However, I’m not one to give up easy so I kept on searching until I found something. 


Last year when I went to my dads he had loads of decorations up and near enough every time I asked where he got something the answer was “Poundland”. So this year I made sure I popped in. And actually I think I found most of the things I liked from there, and everything a pound!I got a slate sign that says ‘Merry Christmas’ and has a red and green chequered bow to hang with. I also got a sign that has three hearts dangling from brown string, saying ‘Winter Wishes and Mistle Toe Kisses’, which is a bit soppy but I really like the look. Then the last thing I picked up was a house shaped tea light holder. I really like these and have wanted one for a while.


Next usually hits the nail on the head when it comes to Christmas decorations, and homeware in general actually. Last year their baubles had sold out before I could get any, I was so sad. So I made sure I got in there early this year. You get 50 pieces to hang up and the colour theme is silver and red, which I wan’t too sure about at first but I really like now. Quite simplistic and traditional. I also picked up a mini christmas tree covered in white snow. There’s a few sizes available, or at least i definitely saw a large version. But my favourite thing I picked up was the festive spiced candle. I smelt this and could not put it back down, it smells SO BLOODY GOOD! And the packaging is so cute, again white a traditional white and red theme. There’s a striped ribbon around the top with a mini christmas tree attached at the bow.

So that’s some of the new decorations I picked up this year. As I said I was a little underwhelmed with the selection this year but I’m glad I got the baubles in time! What new decorations did you pick up this year?

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  1. Oh they are all way too cute, I love the little signs in the first picture! I am definitely taking inspiration from this post anyway, well done on you lovely blog too, I love it!! x



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