Friday, 30 December 2016

16 Things That Made Me Happy in 2016

So around this time of year I always see several statuses along the lines of “oh my god, 2016 was such a shit year, thank god this years over, bring on a new year”. And while admittedly some people do have shit years and have good reason for wanting to put them in the past, most people are just being melodramatic and negative and forgetting all of the good and fun things that happened to them. A year is a long time, not all of it is bad. So in the spirit of positivity here are 16 things that made me happy in 2016…

1. New Years in Dublin

Counting down to new years day in an underground pub in Dublin with some of my favourite people around me was a good way to kick start the new year. 

2. Leaving Europe for the first time

I was so excited to leave Europe for the first time ever! Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to. Which leads me to my next point…

3. Visiting New York

My first trip out of Europe was to New York. I got to do so many fun things there including watching basketball, going to the top of the Empire State Building and visiting the Natural History Museum.

4. Completing my first marathon

After months of gruelling training I finally crossed that finish line. I don’t know what made me more happy, crossing the line or realising I didn’t have to do four runs the next week.

5. Dublin…again

I loved it so much the first time that I found myself a few months later with friends from Uni. It was a fun packed weekend with lots of good food and alcohol.

6. Fudge & Brownie

No, not the food. Although that has made me happy too. This year I got two new adorable chocolate european polecat ferrets. Don’t let their cute exterior fool you, they’re trouble makers on the inside.

7. Rooftop Cinema

I’ve been wanting to try an outdoor cinema since…well probably since I was a little girl watching can American movie where they all seem to do it. This year I went to the top of the Bussey Building in London and watched True Romance (a film that’s not as romantic as it sounds).

8. Watching Matilda on the West End

This was an incredible show. The stage was amazing, the actors incredible and the script was hilarious. And I just loved watching something on the west end, then roaming off around London afterwards.

9. Exciting blogging opportunities

I’m not talking about Zoella exciting (maybe next year), but it was nice to see people noticing my blog this year.

10. Brighton

I have been wanting to go to Brighton for years so I finally planned a trip there over summer. It’s a beautiful and colourful city.

11. Presenting in front of people

I NEVER thought I would be able to present in front of people. This year I have done it more times than I would have liked to, in front of up to 25-30 people. I am so glad to have been made to do this, it has pushed out of my comfort zone and given me a confidence boost.

12. Leaving Europe for the second time

I never left Europe before now but was lucky enough to do it twice in 2016! My second trip was to Cuba, which as we all know is potentially about to turn into a tourist paradise. So it was good to see the untouched version, where the majority of people spoke Spanish instead of English.

13. Swimming with dolphins

Whilst in Cuba I booked on a trip which involved swimming with dolphins. So the dolphins were in an enclosure in the sea. Their enclosure was made with low metal gates, low enough for the dolphins to jump over. Which apparently these dolphins regularly do. But they always come back, as the owner says “of course they come back, we have the good fish”.

14. Moving to Didsbury

I have been wanting to move to Didsbury for ages. It’s a beautiful village in south manchester, full of charming restaurants and bars. My old flat was near nothing, so it’s a refreshing change to have so many things within a 5 minute walk.

15. Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is back in my life and I could not be happier. I went into the film with low expectations, could anything compare to my beloved Harry Potter? But this film delivered, I am so excited to watch the rest.

16. New Year in Amsterdam

As this goes live I am currently somewhere in Amsterdam, where I will be spending New Years Eve. This is also one of my favourite cities, I feel at home here. 

What things have made you happy in 2016?


  1. this is such a good post! I think I would have to agree, on a personal level 2016 has been awesome for me too! Well done on the marathon btw xx

    1. Aww thank you! Ah that's good, what were your highlights? Thanks ☺️ Xx


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