Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cuban Diaries

So i just had an amazing and action packed holiday in a wonderful county called Cuba. We got up to so many fun things I thought I'd share some pictures and stories with you.


We start our journey a little tired but extremely excited! I went with the boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend. This was my sisters first time out of Europe so we were all a little giddy, even with a 10 hour flight ahead of us (that’s right, 10 hours!). This was the first time I’ve flown with Thomas Cook and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! I don’t know what I was expecting, but what I got was a roomy seat on a plane that had six bathrooms. One thing to note is you get around 4 films to choose from, or you can pay £5 for more options. As we flew during the day we paid the £5. We arrived at the hotel Playas Pesqeuro near Holguin and was greeted by welcome cocktails. Feeling too tired to do much that night we hunted for food, had a few drinks and then headed to our rooms.


This was probably the laziest day we had throughout the whole holiday, although we did go on a run in the morning. I love running in new places as you get to see so much more. We booked a couple of excursions out of the resort for later in the holiday, then spent the rest of the day exploring what was inside the resort. This included a large (but mainly shallow) swimming pool, shops and bars and a beach. We went camera happy and spent a lot of time taking pictures, especially when the sun was setting. Then we went to bed early so we would be well rested for our first day of activities.


If Friday was the laziest day then we sure as hell made up for it on the Saturday. We choose a trip  called Fantastica that included just about everything and thus started at 7.40am. Let me walk (or talk) you through it. Firstly we went to a local beach town called Guardalavaca, which means guard your cows, to go horseback riding. I have never ridden a horse so I was extremely excited and perhaps a touch apprehensive. My horse was wonderful though and we ended our route walking along an idyllic beach with the first rays of sun beating down.

We then went on a short drive to a little harbour. Here we got to go speedboating!!! It was so exhilarating to speedily skim along the water with the wind in our hair and the sun shining way above us. The views were incredible, with the large stretch of open water and palm trees lining the land. After this we stopped at a couple of places including a fisherman's village, a farm and an aboriginal museum where we had lunch. These places were all tucked away, untouched by mass tourism. You really got a feel for what the real Cuban lifestyle was like. They are really quite a poor country but they were just so peaceful and happy.

Last but most certainly not least, the trip ended with just a casual swim….WITH DOLPHINS! I have wanted to do this for oh so long and practically ran to the enclosure and dived in. Now I know what you’re thinking, dolphins in an enclosure isn’t all good. But these were inn enclosure at the sea where the fences were quite low so the dolphins could jump out if they wanted. Apparently they go out for a swim quite a bit but also return, as the owner said “why wouldn’t they return, we have good fish for them!” The dolphins danced, kissed and splashed their way into my heart and I was sad to say bye.



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