Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Three Seventeen Palettes

I have not bought from Seventeen before but I have seen a few blog posts pop up on them lately. So when I walked past them in the shops the other day and saw their range of palettes I stopped for a quick look and ended up buying three palettes. Oops! But they looked so pretty I actually couldn’t resist. And they’re quite reasonably priced too which is a big factor! I don’t usually write about beauty because I’m such a newbie. But who better to give fellow newbies recommendations than a newbie? There’s some logic hidden in that sentence somewhere.

Let’s Face It

This is a concealer palette with two different concealer shades, a powder and a blush. So there’s a pink toned concealer which I’ve been using to brighten up under my eyes. I swear I’m getting more sleepy these days, it’s so hard to get out of the warm comfy bed in the morning. My eyes are definitely feeling the pressure so this is ideal to hide those bags! There’s also a yellow toned concealer which I’ve been use to hide any blemishes. It says in the little instructions leaflet you can blend these two shades together but I’ve not done that yet. What I like about this palette is it’s perfect for the handbag. I hate carrying around make-up with me when I know I’m going out straight after work. So a concealer, powder and blush all in one little palette is ideal!

Define and Conquer

I really don’t know much about contouring. My knowledge page comes from watching over people expertly cover there face in various shades of colour, then magically blend to look human again. This one comes with a handy little instruction leaflet, like the other palettes do, which is useful when you don’t have a clue what to do. The highlighter isn’t the strongest but the dark powder shade works well for me. I have quite fair skin so can’t use anything too dark. I have the Barry M contour kit but the dark powder is way too, well, dark and it goes wrong more than it goes right if truth be told. 

Easy on the Eye

I haven’t bought an eye shadow palette in ages. This one caught my eye (joke intended) because of the warm shades. I find they look more natural and I’m not one for dramatic eye make-up. There is also 3 metallic shades and a primer. You can use the metallic shades on their own or combine them with the other shades. Again, it comes with a handy instruction leaflet which teaches you how to do the whole smokey eye effect thing. 

The packaging on these was so pretty. I’m becoming such a box hoarder, I keep pretty packaging even though I’ve have nothing to do with it. I was pleasantly surprised with the Seventeen palettes. They’re not a brand I usually go for but I will check their range out in the future. 

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  1. I have that Contour kit- I need to dig it back out again!


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