Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Autumn Homeware from George

I love buying new home ware, it’s a little addiction of mine. I will literally use any excuse to buy some more. So when Autumn arrived I strongly insisted to the boyfriend that we HAD to buy some new home ware to make the house more autumnal. It was out of our control really. It’s the rules of Autumn. So after a little arm twisting we headed to George at Asda to pick up a few items. Obviously I wanted to buy everything so the boyfriend had to rein me in a bit. I bought lots of other home ware items but here are the three autumnal themed things I picked up.

Pillows (2 for £10)

Seriously, I think I have a pillow problem! I just keep on buying them even though I know we have too many already. But these were on offer and they looked so comfortable. The material is a thick, sort of knitted wool which is perfect for these chilly nights. I love the bright orange colour, they’ve immediately made my room look more autumnal. And, importantly, they’re really rather cosy!

Candle (£9)

Yes I have a candle obsession too but I couldn’t resist. It’s called Shades of Autumn and it really does smell like Autumn in a jar. I didn’t realise at first but it says on the label that it’s actually made by Yankee candle. I may be wrong but I swear Yankee candles this size are usually a lot more expensive? I love lighting a bunch of candles up for a cosy night in.

Blanket (£10)

It’s vital that you wrap up warm in Autumn, and with that in mind I found a new Autumn blanket. It has rich shades of red, yellow, orange and brown in a large chequered pattern with tassells on the top and bottom. The material is really soft. It’s not too thick, which I like because I overheat so easily but I like being wrapped up in a blanket.

So there are the Autumnal pieces of home ware I picked up from George. All adorable yet purse friendly! What home ware items have you picked up lately?


  1. Every since Autumn came along, all I've wanted is a autumnal candle but everywhere I've looked it ridiculously priced, £20 and over but these picks are amazingly priced and super cute. Gotta get myself down to George. Love a good homeware haul, thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

    1. Candles can be so expensive, I was shocked to find this one was so cheap. And by Yankee too! Thanks for reading :) x


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