Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Touch of Autumn

Overnight the winds of autumn swept across the nation and millions of bloggers everywhere simultaneously awoke, breathed in that first chilly autumn breath and then leaped out of the duvet  and into action. There are still those who are desperately clinging onto Summer like a toddler to their mum on the first day of nursery. Admittedly the weather has still been trying to squeeze out it’s last bursts of warm rays before it goes into hibernation. However, I know there are also those like me. Those who have been poised with a bobble hat in one hand and a pair of knee high boots in the other, eagerly anticipating the seasonal shift. 

The poor boyfriend has had to sit tight lipped while our house suddenly got attacked with orange homeware and a pumpkin fragrance. I want to start the fist of my many autumnal posts on a few pieces I picked up from Primark to mark this ostentatious calendar moment. These are little touches that are essential (obviously) for any autumnal gal.

Firstly, where would a woman be without her trusty bobble hat? Not only does it keep you warm against the frosty wind but it also looks bloody adorable. I was actually out shopping for something to wear for a BBQ (I’ve had these items a while) when this hat caught my eye. I love the  mustard yellow colour and for £2 it would be silly not to really.

Next we have a lovely pair of knee high socks for £2. Again, keeping in line with the autumnal shades. I have been dying to dig my knee high boots out for some time now and have barely taken them off throughout October. These will go nicely under them when the weather gets a little chillier or I will pair them with a skirt/dress.

Finally, I got myself a new candle because you have to get a new candle for any occasion right? This one was only £1.50. I loved the grey colour, so obsessed with all things grey at the moment. I guess this one is slightly less autumnal than the other items but hey ho. The scent is called sea salt, I’ve not actually lit it yet so no idea how good the scent will be but it goes very nicely with my autumnal themed living room!

A few little touches of Autumn for just £5.50. Gotta love Primark! What have you been picking up for the Autumn months? Are you also excited for the seasonal shift?

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