Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Three Seventeen Palettes

I have not bought from Seventeen before but I have seen a few blog posts pop up on them lately. So when I walked past them in the shops the other day and saw their range of palettes I stopped for a quick look and ended up buying three palettes. Oops! But they looked so pretty I actually couldn’t resist. And they’re quite reasonably priced too which is a big factor! I don’t usually write about beauty because I’m such a newbie. But who better to give fellow newbies recommendations than a newbie? There’s some logic hidden in that sentence somewhere.

Let’s Face It

This is a concealer palette with two different concealer shades, a powder and a blush. So there’s a pink toned concealer which I’ve been using to brighten up under my eyes. I swear I’m getting more sleepy these days, it’s so hard to get out of the warm comfy bed in the morning. My eyes are definitely feeling the pressure so this is ideal to hide those bags! There’s also a yellow toned concealer which I’ve been use to hide any blemishes. It says in the little instructions leaflet you can blend these two shades together but I’ve not done that yet. What I like about this palette is it’s perfect for the handbag. I hate carrying around make-up with me when I know I’m going out straight after work. So a concealer, powder and blush all in one little palette is ideal!

Define and Conquer

I really don’t know much about contouring. My knowledge page comes from watching over people expertly cover there face in various shades of colour, then magically blend to look human again. This one comes with a handy little instruction leaflet, like the other palettes do, which is useful when you don’t have a clue what to do. The highlighter isn’t the strongest but the dark powder shade works well for me. I have quite fair skin so can’t use anything too dark. I have the Barry M contour kit but the dark powder is way too, well, dark and it goes wrong more than it goes right if truth be told. 

Easy on the Eye

I haven’t bought an eye shadow palette in ages. This one caught my eye (joke intended) because of the warm shades. I find they look more natural and I’m not one for dramatic eye make-up. There is also 3 metallic shades and a primer. You can use the metallic shades on their own or combine them with the other shades. Again, it comes with a handy instruction leaflet which teaches you how to do the whole smokey eye effect thing. 

The packaging on these was so pretty. I’m becoming such a box hoarder, I keep pretty packaging even though I’ve have nothing to do with it. I was pleasantly surprised with the Seventeen palettes. They’re not a brand I usually go for but I will check their range out in the future. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Halloween Spider Cupcakes

Brace yourselves…Halloweens coming! And with it comes cute pumpkins, black cats and scary ghosts. Oh yes, and lots of halloween themed food! I’m all about simplicity, so this recipe is a basic one that is quick and easy to whip up. This recipe makes about 12 cupcakes and takes around 40 minutes from start to finish. 

What You’ll Need - Cupcakes

  • 1/4 cup softened butter
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1 eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

What You’ll Need - Decorations

  • Icing (feel free to make your own but I bought pre-made for ease)
  • Liquorice laces (for the legs)
  • White chocolate drops (for the eyes)

What To Do

  1. Firstly pre-heat your oven to 375f or 150c
  2. Beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy
  3. Beat in the egg
  4. Beat in the flour mixed with baking powder and salt, alternating with the milk
  5. Stir in the vanilla extract
  6. Line your muffin tin with papers
  7. Divide mixture equally among the cases
  8. Pop in the oven to bake for 20 minutes
  9. Let them cool in the pan

Once completely cooled….

10. Squirt the icing on top of the buns
11. Place two white chocolate drops near the front for eyes
12. Stick at the liquorice laces in the icing for the legs
13. Take several pictures for various social media channels
14. Eat and enjoy (and possibly share)

Like I said, quick and easy. Hope you have a fun halloween full of more treats than tricks!


Sunday, 23 October 2016

5 Things I Love About Being an Adult

Not so long ago I wrote a post called "5 Things That Suck About Being An Adult”. Let’s face it, after the carefree days of binge watching tv shows at university, entering the adult world was like a slap in the face with a giant hand wearing several rings. Gone were the days you could not turn up to a lecture because you felt a little sleepy. Gone were the weeks you went out 5 nights in a row. And gone were the days where one of your biggest concerns was whether you needed to get out of your pyjamas to go to the shop.

But while they are oh so many things that do suck about being an adult, there are also plenty of things that I love. So here are 5 things I love about being an adult….

  1. Money

How did I live off so little money whilst at university and still maintain an active social life? Now I am an adult in full time employment I actually have spare money to buy the things I like. Sure, my wage could do with being bumped up a few grand. But I am no longer standing in the supermarket peering at the price labels trying to find the cheapest loaf of bread. I don’t instinctually ask the bartender what the cheapest drink is or choose the lowest priced item of the menu. I can actually go out for decent meals and enjoy a fancy cocktail without breaking the bank.

2. Home

One thing I couldn’t wait for when leaving for university was finally having my own bedroom. Growing up I shared a room with my sister. Whilst this was so much fun in so many ways, it was also a touch cramped. Who knew two girls could harvest so much stuff! Now I have a whole flat to myself and the boyfriend. I get to decorate it how I like, I can put something down without it being mysteriously moved and no one steals my food! 

3. Food

Talking about food. Remember the you were younger and you’d ask your mum what’s for tea and she’d reply with something disgusting like “fish” (I hate seafood!). Well, being an adult you get to choose all the meals you eat so you get to eat what you like every night! Sometimes that means whipping up a delicious Sunday roast or trying your hand at a new recipe. Other days that means a family size bag of crisps and a whole tub of Ben & Jerrys. 

4. Parents

A unexpected thing I experienced as an adult was the changing relationship with my parents. Whereas before they were the strict figures enforcing rules and setting at an example, they have now become more of a friend figure. I can talk to them about things I never thought I would, which has lead me to discover many interesting things about their past. When I used to go back to my home town for a visit my priority was to meet up with friends and go hit the clubs. Now I choose to stay at home with the parents to have a good long natter.

5. Independence

I guess this is the main theme running through a lot of these reasons. Having the ability to choose to do the things that I want to do when i want to do them. Obviously there are some restrictions in place to living life as I please. I would like more than anything to travel the whole world. Financially this is not currently an option but it is something I can work towards. I take pride in the fact I left the family home to start a new life in a different city. I went from living in a not so nice house initially, to living in a beautiful flat in my dream location just by rocking it like rihanna and work work work work working.

So there’s 5 of my counter arguments to my previous post. What do you love about being an adult?


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Autumn Homeware from George

I love buying new home ware, it’s a little addiction of mine. I will literally use any excuse to buy some more. So when Autumn arrived I strongly insisted to the boyfriend that we HAD to buy some new home ware to make the house more autumnal. It was out of our control really. It’s the rules of Autumn. So after a little arm twisting we headed to George at Asda to pick up a few items. Obviously I wanted to buy everything so the boyfriend had to rein me in a bit. I bought lots of other home ware items but here are the three autumnal themed things I picked up.

Pillows (2 for £10)

Seriously, I think I have a pillow problem! I just keep on buying them even though I know we have too many already. But these were on offer and they looked so comfortable. The material is a thick, sort of knitted wool which is perfect for these chilly nights. I love the bright orange colour, they’ve immediately made my room look more autumnal. And, importantly, they’re really rather cosy!

Candle (£9)

Yes I have a candle obsession too but I couldn’t resist. It’s called Shades of Autumn and it really does smell like Autumn in a jar. I didn’t realise at first but it says on the label that it’s actually made by Yankee candle. I may be wrong but I swear Yankee candles this size are usually a lot more expensive? I love lighting a bunch of candles up for a cosy night in.

Blanket (£10)

It’s vital that you wrap up warm in Autumn, and with that in mind I found a new Autumn blanket. It has rich shades of red, yellow, orange and brown in a large chequered pattern with tassells on the top and bottom. The material is really soft. It’s not too thick, which I like because I overheat so easily but I like being wrapped up in a blanket.

So there are the Autumnal pieces of home ware I picked up from George. All adorable yet purse friendly! What home ware items have you picked up lately?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Pamper Time with Soap & Glory

There I was aimlessly wandering around Boots the other day when I stumbled upon the Soap & Glory products and lo’ and behold they had a 3 for 2 offer on. Result! I am such a big fan of their products. They have pretty much nailed the packaging side of things and the products always smell so teasingly edible. I also recently discovered they are an animal testing friendly brand!

I used all three of the products I bought that day in one go. I felt so fresh and pampered afterwards  that I thought I’d write a little post on them. I don’t know if anybody else does the same, but I can spend so long just looking at the products trying to decide what to buy. Not just Soap & Glory, any brand really. I end up reading a million labels before I finally decide on what to buy. So if you’re indecisive like me then here are my recommendations to ease your buying process.

Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Body Buff

This body buff is packed full of ingredients and luscious smells including babassu oil, sea salt, moisturising jo joba and mandarin oils. So you just need to scoop out a handful, rub it all over and then rinse. I’ve been using about this about once a week since I bought it and my skin does feel lovely and soft straight after using it. I think it’s good to use a body buff every now and then to revitalise your skin.

Clean On Me Shower Gel

I just so happened to be in the market for a new body wash, so i took advantage of this offer to indulge in a Soap & Glory one. This smells as delicious as you would expect from a Soap & Glory product; it says on the packaging it is made with natural mandarin peel extract and bonus built-in body lotion. Oooh-er! I do like this product but my only adjustment would be the pump. It’s not really tall enough to put my body puff under and it doesn’t pump a big dollop out. 

Smoothie Star Lightly Whipped Body Butter Cream

I mean, it was the name of this that got me, it just sounds so rich and luxurious. My skin, particularly my elbows, has been a little dry lately so I was also on the hunt for a body moisturiser. This is my favourite product of the three. It’s so thick and smells ah-mazing! There is a whole mixture of fragrances in here including pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla. The smell lasts throughout the day making me repeatedly sniff my arm at work!

So if you’re looking for that fresh and pampered feeling i recommend picking these up, especially the buttercream! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! What are your favourite Soap & Glory products lately? Any recommendations?

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Me, Myself and Stress

Until recently I don’t think I have ever actually suffered from stress. There have been times when I have had to juggle a lot of things, times when people have been irritating the hell out of me and times when I have  definitely felt some pressure. But I wouldn’t really say that during any of these times I was suffering from stress.

In the past couple of months stress became a big part of my day to day life. I moved from just feeling a little tense to constantly feeling the pressure. I was struggling to handle things and was getting close to breaking point. I think a big factor was that both my work and home life simultaneously became hectic, so I didn’t have any time to take a step back and unwind. At work my responsibilities began to rapidly increase, whilst at home I was desperately trying to handle several situations, including trying to find somewhere to live as my then current tenancy contract  was quickly coming to an end (and I had a series of bad luck finding places!). I was spending all day at work struggling to keep up with my workload, only to come home and try to organise several things at once. This meant that I was on the go from early in the morning until midnight most nights Monday to Friday, with the weekends also involving a large to-do list. I know for some this may seem like an ordinary state of affairs. As I said before, it’s not the first time I have been busy. And I don’t know why the pressure suddenly got to me more. But it did.

I could feel myself becoming more and more stressed by the little things. Everything was getting to me. I really felt like I couldn’t handle it any more. As well as feeling irritable, my mood really plummeted. I was feeling low and helpless. I just wanted to go away to a remote location for a few days, where none of the stresses I was experiencing existed (but this wasn’t really an option!). Several times at work I had to fight back tears and on a few occasions I was so tempted to just walk out of the building. At home the slightest thing could send me into tears. I really wanted to go to my local GP and explain how I was feeling.

What stopped me from going to anyone about it was just…I felt I was being silly. Overdramatic. The Britishness in me, the part that says we must keep our emotions hidden deep down and trudge on, took over. I also felt that there are so many other people who were going through worse, I didn’t want to cause a fuss because I had a few more things on my plate. But i think not talking to anyone made it much worse. Having to try and deal with the pressure on my own only increased the pressure, which made me feel more stressed and isolated. I also felt I should be more strong minded, that I was weak for letting a little bit of stress affect me so much.

So in the end I didn’t really talk to anyone about it. Luckily for me things at work quietened down and I found a place to live. A lot of the things that were previously causing me stress disappeared, relieving a bit of the pressure. I suddenly had some free time to do absolutely nothing, I could finally begin to relax. I know there will some people out there who will have been feeling stressed for some time  now, and are keeping it bottled up. There might be those like me who don’t want to talk to anyone about it. I wanted to write this post and get it out there to let other people who are experiencing stress know that they are not alone in feeling the way they do. I find it so comforting to read about other people who have had similar experiences. I talked to the boyfriend about it a little, and just having someone there to listen to me helped. But I do wish I had talked about it sooner and more often. I could have alleviated some of the pressure I was feeling a lot earlier! 

The more we talk about these invisible illnesses the more we will remove the stigma around them. I really like how the blogging community has opened up on issues like this. Not only is it raising  some well needed awareness on mental health issues, but it’s also spreading the message that it’s ok to not be ok. I hope some people will find this post helpful. Thanks for reading to the end! Let me know what you think in the comments sections below, I would love to know your thoughts! 


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

5 Reasons to Fall for Autumn

Autumn is such a great time of the year with the crunchy leaves, wooly jumpers and roaring fires. I know there are many summer lovers who absolutely hate it, what with the lack of sun and sudden drop in temperature. So I thought I’d put together a little post on 5 reasons to fall for autumn, to hopefully sway your views on this gorgeous season. Prepare to fall in love with autumn (hopefully)…

  1. The Colours
The leaves turn from the bright and fresh shades of green to the gloriously rich shades of red, orange and yellow. Everywhere begins to look and feel a little more magical. Also when the leaves fall from the trees and onto the path, you get to stand on the dry ones and hear that satisfying crunchy sound (just me?). Then there’s the giant piles of colourful leaves you get to kick, letting your inner child break out to the surface.

2. The Fashion

You have to admit, the fashion is the most comfortable, cosy and cute fashion of the year. The first point of colours is relevant to the fashion too. I love all the rich shades that begin popping up in the shops. So dig out those chunky sweaters, blankets scarves and bobble hats and prepare to feel as snug as a bug in a rug. You can also toss aside your shavers for a few months without it being too obvious!

3. The Cosy Nights In

If we’re all truly honest with ourselves, staying in is the new going out. I remember when I was younger I made it my mission to go out as much as humanely and financially possible. But nowadays I’d rather skip the crowds and the costly nights out for a cosy night in watching films by the fire. When the sun is shining I feel so guilty about not being outside, but  when it’s cold and dark it’s the perfect excuse to stay in. You save on money and you feel fresher the next morning. 

4. The Food & Drink

Okay so I know the dramatic drop in weather isn’t ideal. However, with this comes all the autumn food and drink! That means hot chocolates, warm soups and heated puddings! I usually ditch the salads once autumn arrives and spend my Sundays afternoons making a batch of homemade soup for the week ahead. Also, all of the coffee shops go to town on making new flavours such as pumpkin spiced lattes and caramel fudge hot chocolates.

5. The Wonders that are Halloween and Bonfire Night

If you live in the UK you are lucky enough to get these two great national holidays within a week of each other. I think Halloween is one of my favourite nights of the year, a lot better than new years eve. I love dressing up silly and dancing with the girls! Then there’s bonfire night….ah bonfire night. I love it so much. Warming up in front of the giant fire, eating sticky sweet candy floss and watching the night sky light up with all the pretty fireworks.

I hope this has helped you fall in love with autumn. While we’ll miss the beautiful sunny summer days, there’s plenty of autumn goodness to keep us going! What do you love most about autumn?


Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Touch of Autumn

Overnight the winds of autumn swept across the nation and millions of bloggers everywhere simultaneously awoke, breathed in that first chilly autumn breath and then leaped out of the duvet  and into action. There are still those who are desperately clinging onto Summer like a toddler to their mum on the first day of nursery. Admittedly the weather has still been trying to squeeze out it’s last bursts of warm rays before it goes into hibernation. However, I know there are also those like me. Those who have been poised with a bobble hat in one hand and a pair of knee high boots in the other, eagerly anticipating the seasonal shift. 

The poor boyfriend has had to sit tight lipped while our house suddenly got attacked with orange homeware and a pumpkin fragrance. I want to start the fist of my many autumnal posts on a few pieces I picked up from Primark to mark this ostentatious calendar moment. These are little touches that are essential (obviously) for any autumnal gal.

Firstly, where would a woman be without her trusty bobble hat? Not only does it keep you warm against the frosty wind but it also looks bloody adorable. I was actually out shopping for something to wear for a BBQ (I’ve had these items a while) when this hat caught my eye. I love the  mustard yellow colour and for £2 it would be silly not to really.

Next we have a lovely pair of knee high socks for £2. Again, keeping in line with the autumnal shades. I have been dying to dig my knee high boots out for some time now and have barely taken them off throughout October. These will go nicely under them when the weather gets a little chillier or I will pair them with a skirt/dress.

Finally, I got myself a new candle because you have to get a new candle for any occasion right? This one was only £1.50. I loved the grey colour, so obsessed with all things grey at the moment. I guess this one is slightly less autumnal than the other items but hey ho. The scent is called sea salt, I’ve not actually lit it yet so no idea how good the scent will be but it goes very nicely with my autumnal themed living room!

A few little touches of Autumn for just £5.50. Gotta love Primark! What have you been picking up for the Autumn months? Are you also excited for the seasonal shift?

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Spa Seekers Event

We all lead such fast pacing and hectic lives these days that we rarely take a break for a bit of well needed TLC. So when Spa Seekers invited me to visit Mottram Hall Spa for a day of fun activities, I of course jumped at the chance like an overexcited puppy to a chew toy. These past few months have been a bit manic so a Spa day was exactly what I needed. Mottram Hall is located just a little south of Manchester, about a 30 minutes drive away. As we drove up the long winding path to the entrance I was blown away by how beautiful and serene the grounds were. I could feel the stress of the week melting away.

We started the day off with a drink (or two in my case) before getting down to business. I am still quite a newbie to the blogging scene so it was lovely to meet other bloggers and find out a bit more about them The first activity on our agenda was a colour consultation. I actually had no idea what to expect here, I thought they might be trying to persuade me to dye my hair another colour. It turned out to be a workshop designed to advise you on what colour palette is most complimentary to your tone. Being a ginger I was told to go for warm tones - which is perfect now all the autumn colours are popping up in the shops! We were also lucky enough to have a make-up workshop, showing us how we can use make up to go from a day to night look, instead of taking it all off and starting again. 

What spa day is complete with a spot of afternoon tea? The food here was simply scrumptious, I love afternoon tea SO much. Okay, so I don’t like tea per say. But I greatly appreciated the tiny little sandwiches and delicious array of desserts. There was a chocolate one in particular that one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth (well haven’t you got a dirty mind tut tut). Then there’s the choice of facilities from the gorgeous pool to the wood chip sauna. One touch I really loved was the changing rooms. Sounds weird but they were so nice and even had GHD’s you could use to fix your bonnet afterwards.

So if all of this is making you want to run to the computer and book a spa day for yourself then you’re in luck! SpaSeekers have teamed up with a luxury hotel group and are running a competition so 3 lucky ladies can win a luxury weekend spa break. All you have to do is take a selfie showing them why you need  a pamper weekend and share it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #unwindwithspaseekers, also explaining why you need some TLC. Hurry though, the competition ends on Tuesday the 11th October! Good luck ladies!

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