Sunday, 4 September 2016

Brunch at The Pen & Pencil

If you have read my blog before, follow any of my social media channels or have met me at all you will know I am a big brunch lover. Saturday mornings are made for wandering around town looking for the perfect eggs benedict. The norther quarter in Manchester is well known for being a popular place for a night out. It has a huge collection of hipster bars with quirky d├ęcor, making it the go to destination. It is also well known for having some of thee best food in Manchester.

So one big contender in this food haven is the Pen & Pencil on the corner of Hilton and Tariff Street. I went there for the first time, arriving at 10am just as the doors were opening. I was surprised that within a few minutes the place was full of customers! Clearly this is quite the popular place - why else would you drag yourself out of bed that early on a Saturday morning if not for good food? 

Obviously I was there for the brunch menu! Don’t worry if you can’t get up as early as I did, it’s on almost all day (til 4pm) so you can do lazy afternoon brunch too. So first up, drinks. There’s lots to choose from including a delicious looking range of smoothies. However, I resisted temptation as I didn’t want to fill up too much for the meal, opting instead for an apple juice (£2.20).

But what you’re really reading this for is the food! I ordered the Eggs Pen & Pencil (£8.00) and although the boyfriend was tempted to order the same I insisted he choose something different to make it more interesting, so he settled on the American Breakfast (£9.50). 

The Eggs Pen & Pencil consisted of muffins with sausage patties, streaky bacon, two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and pancetta crisps. Sounds like heaven right? Well it was. Now, I’m a girl who’s main mission in life is to find a good brunch. This was so delicious. The sausage patties were juicy and the poached eggs were cooked just right. It’s a generous portion so make sure you’re hungry!

The American breakfast has bacon, sausage patty, mushroom, two poached eggs, pit beans, cherry vine tomatoes and American pancakes. I mean, it looked delicious to me but I didn’t eat it. So in the boyfriends words “it had the right balance of sweet and savoury, the vine tomatoes were a nice touch.”

IMHO: The atmosphere was really relaxing and the staff were very friendly and attentive. I love brunch, but only a few brunches have given me that “wow” moment. This was definitely one of them! Brunch for two with drinks will set you back around £25 which is pretty much average in Manchester. Worth a visit if you’re a brunch lover like me!

Disclaimer: food & drink were complimentary of The Pen & Pencil. However opinions such as the “wow” moment were my own! 


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