Sunday, 11 September 2016

5 Everyday Pieces of Sexism

Today’s post is all about those little pieces of everyday sexism. The little moments in your day that make you go “…seriously?” We’ve all been there haven’t we? Listening to the story that starts with “I’m not sexist but…” Or watching a panel show with a person proclaiming “she’s funny for a girl”. Here are 5 pieces of sexism I experience in my day-to-day life.

1.    “Half a pint, yeah?”
Okay, so this one really annoys me. It happens so much. When I go to the pub and ask for the beer by its name, e.g. “Estrella please”, I get the same response – “is that a half love?” No. Not a half. I would like a full pint please. This may seem petty but I have asked plenty of boys if this happens to them and it hasn’t, but it has happened to several girls I know.

2.    “A guy would have saved that”
So I hear boys complain a lot about women’s sport. And usually I let it go by, you have to pick your arguments. Recently one comment really annoyed me though. A female footballer took a shot from far away from the post and managed to score. The guy who was watching this just laughed then said “yeah but if it was a male goal keeper he would have saved that”. Why is it down to the gender of the goalkeeper that the shot wasn’t saved, rather than just the ability of that one goal keeper?

3.    “She is a bit of a slut though”
How many times do we have to go through this one? I’m tired of the same people who call girls sluts for sleeping around, calling the boys who do the same “lad”. Please stop this double standard. A woman can sleep with as many men as she wants. It’s her body and her choice.

4.    “She’s wearing a lovely blue suit”
Anyone else getting a little tired of reading about some woman has accomplished something great and then what she was wearing while she did it. “Julie solved world hunger…wearing a striking blue strappy dress with matching heels”. Also, when reporters feel the need to mention how Julie is balancing her work life and family life.

5.    “A naked woman would make this film better”
This is probably one of the most annoying, it. Why does the media think that so many films, and TV shows, need to include some slow-mo of a woman in a barely there outfit swishing her hair about and pouting down the lens. Or how many films need to include a trip to a strip joint? Why on earth does the Internship need a strip club scene?

So there’s some of my little annoyances (there’s loads more, believe me!). Any of you experience the same? What other everyday pieces of sexism do you experience?

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Tale of Three Cities

Hey there, hello, hi, I’m back! I’ve just had some annual leave with the boyfriend and he accidentally packed the wrong laptop charger (silly boyfriend). Sooo I’ve not been able to upload any of the posts I had planned while I was away. Now I know this means millions of upset fans (hem) but I promise I have been a busy little blogger, snapping plenty of pictures and writing up loads more posts since I got back.

What did I do on my annual leave? Where did I go? What was I taking pictures of? Well, I have been all over southern England this past week. As you may have guessed by the post title I have travelled to three different cities! Cambridge, London and Brighton. Over the course of three days I managed to spend each one in a different city. It’s been exciting, fun and a little disorientating.

Firstly, I had a staycation in Cambridge. The boyfriend is from Cambridge so we always have a place to stay when we go. Which is perfect because I absolutely love this city. I never tire of seeing the sights and drag the boyfriend all over, even though he’s probably sick of seeing them!

We then spent a day in London. The weather was absolutely beautiful, clear blue skies all day. I didn’t have a plan of where to go so just made it up as I went along. This ended up with us going to Leister Square, Covent Garden, Notting Hill and Paddington. London may be my favourite city in the world, there’s so much to do and see you’d just never get bored. And it’s so pretty! Whilst in Covent Garden I had my first ever Shake Shack. I wanted to go when I was in New York but the queues were ridiculous. The burgers were delicious but it's a little overpriced!

Finally I went to Brighton for the first time in my life. I have seen so many pictures of this beautiful and colourful city, I’ve been wanting to go for ages. It was so great to spend our days relaxing on the pebble beach and strolling around the famous lanes. I am writing up a separate post for Brighton as I loved it so much and took a zillion pictures.

It was a busy week, and some days I was a little confused with where I was going that day. But it was a lot of fun and there was lots of time to sit back and do nothing while staring at the sunset! Have you been on holiday lately? Have you explored any of England?

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Brunch at The Pen & Pencil

If you have read my blog before, follow any of my social media channels or have met me at all you will know I am a big brunch lover. Saturday mornings are made for wandering around town looking for the perfect eggs benedict. The norther quarter in Manchester is well known for being a popular place for a night out. It has a huge collection of hipster bars with quirky d├ęcor, making it the go to destination. It is also well known for having some of thee best food in Manchester.

So one big contender in this food haven is the Pen & Pencil on the corner of Hilton and Tariff Street. I went there for the first time, arriving at 10am just as the doors were opening. I was surprised that within a few minutes the place was full of customers! Clearly this is quite the popular place - why else would you drag yourself out of bed that early on a Saturday morning if not for good food? 

Obviously I was there for the brunch menu! Don’t worry if you can’t get up as early as I did, it’s on almost all day (til 4pm) so you can do lazy afternoon brunch too. So first up, drinks. There’s lots to choose from including a delicious looking range of smoothies. However, I resisted temptation as I didn’t want to fill up too much for the meal, opting instead for an apple juice (£2.20).

But what you’re really reading this for is the food! I ordered the Eggs Pen & Pencil (£8.00) and although the boyfriend was tempted to order the same I insisted he choose something different to make it more interesting, so he settled on the American Breakfast (£9.50). 

The Eggs Pen & Pencil consisted of muffins with sausage patties, streaky bacon, two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and pancetta crisps. Sounds like heaven right? Well it was. Now, I’m a girl who’s main mission in life is to find a good brunch. This was so delicious. The sausage patties were juicy and the poached eggs were cooked just right. It’s a generous portion so make sure you’re hungry!

The American breakfast has bacon, sausage patty, mushroom, two poached eggs, pit beans, cherry vine tomatoes and American pancakes. I mean, it looked delicious to me but I didn’t eat it. So in the boyfriends words “it had the right balance of sweet and savoury, the vine tomatoes were a nice touch.”

IMHO: The atmosphere was really relaxing and the staff were very friendly and attentive. I love brunch, but only a few brunches have given me that “wow” moment. This was definitely one of them! Brunch for two with drinks will set you back around £25 which is pretty much average in Manchester. Worth a visit if you’re a brunch lover like me!

Disclaimer: food & drink were complimentary of The Pen & Pencil. However opinions such as the “wow” moment were my own! 

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