Wednesday, 17 August 2016

20 Things I Learned Living With My Partner

So at some point in your life you may decide to move in with your other half. This could be down to financial reasons, having nowhere else to go or hell, it may even be down to true love. You both start looking for that perfect dream flat. The one with the ensuite, airy rooms and south facing balcony with great views. Then you look at the rent and decide what’s so good about a great view anyway? You’ll just spend most of the time looking at Netflix. Then you finally find the place that’s just the right combination of cute and affordable. You pack all of your belongings, eventually admitting that it’s probably best to leave your Disney VHS’ behind given that you don’t even have a VHS player any more. You take that first important step across your doorway and look around your new house whilst clinging on to each other in excitement. The first night is spent romantically eating a takeaway on top of cardboard boxes like they do in the movies. But what next? What is it like to live with your other half? Well here are 20 things I have learned…

1.       Shopping for homeware is thee most exciting thing ever
So many things I never knew I needed! Think pasta jars.

2.       Economically it’s a dream
You can get twice as much homeware! As well as splitting bills, etc.

3.       There can be some awkward conversations on what to put on display
How do you tactfully say that the star wars toy they love so much is ugly?

4.       You soon learn each other’s weird quirks
“So you sleep with a top over your eyes every night then? Interesting”

5.       The weekly shop can become a somewhat heated experience
My sister’s boyfriend refers to it as the weekly argument. Enough said.

6.       As can deciding on what to cook when you finally get home.
“We had curry 3 times last week!”

7.       You can spend hours just deciding on what to watch
So many series on the go, so little finished.

8.       And you cannot watch the next episode unless the other person is present
So you end up binge watching some obscure show whenever they’re out of town.

9.       You’re both messy in your own way
I leave the sponge in the sink, he leaves his socks in the living room

10.   Which can lead to countless arguments about the smallest of things
“If you could just fold the towel up for once…”

11.   And then there’s the all mighty, guns-a-blazing arguments
Poor neighbours.

12.   But by now you’ve learned how to swing things back around
And you’re reluctantly laughing soon enough.

13.   Patience is quite handy
Let them off once in a while, no one’s perfect

14.   Because they’re there when you’re having shit days
With chocolate.

15.   They’ll listen to you complain about that bitch Sandra from finance
And they’ll get quite invested too.

16.   They know just how to cheer you up
Harry Potter marathon. Always.

17.   Having a permanent person for a Netflix date is pretty cool
There’s nothing better than doing nothing together

18.   And a permanent takeaway buddy
Payday dominos is a thing!

19.   And a workout buddy
You can’t eat all those dominos guilt free (sort of)

20.   Most importantly, it’s not as scary as you think it will be!
It’s just like living with your friend.


  1. Hahaha you NEVER shall say that Star Wars toy is ugly, you just find a better place to keep it sound and save away from the dust... Like in a box for example ;) The same goes to a bat mobile, yes I have a bat mobile at home... Best wishes, Iga

    1. May I add it was a happy meal toy? Unfortunately it's stayed on the shelf haha. A bat mobile? so you know then! Hope it's not too big!

  2. I'm about to move in my boyfriend so LOVE this post! I'm most looking forward to number 18!
    Lauren xx
    Elle Bloggs

    1. Awww good luck! Haha number 18 is my favourite too I think, especially when combined with number 17 X X


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