Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Platform 9 3/4 Picks

Every time I am in London and near Kings Cross station I have to pop in to Platform 9 ¾. Okay, so maybe I divert us so much that we magically end up nearby. I just can’t resist it, the inner Potter-head takes control. As I’m writing this I realise I am currently sat in my Harry Potter pyjamas with my new Gryffindor scrunchie in my hair. Maybe the inner Potter-head takes more control than I thought. Anyway, on my last trip to London I went there just to have a look, honest! Which of course ended up with me holding a whole new bunch of souvenirs. So what did I buy this time?

I have never actually bought any of the little extra books J K Rowling released but I’ve always wanted to. Tucked away in the corner behind the crowds of people are a selection of books. The first book I chose was Quidditch through the ages. Although I never joined a sports team at school and I wasn’t particularly sporty growing up, I like to think I would have played Quidditch at Hogwarts. And if not played then I would have at least watched it. Are you even a Hogwarts student if you haven’t read Quidditch Through The Ages? The next book I chose was The Tales of Beadle The Bard. The Tale of Three Brothers in the Deathly Hallows was such a clever little story. I love the fact J K Rowling wrote a whole set of magical children’s tales. Now all I need to get is Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, preferably before the film!

Okay, so the Gryffindor scrunchie was a little pricey for what it is. However, I have been wanting a new scrunchie for ages and it’s Gryffindor and I really wanted it and I’ll wear it every day. To be fair, I have worn it quite a bit! Finally, as I stood at the till ready to pay for my items I noticed something behind the cashier. Chocolate. Who can even resist chocolate? Again, this was a little pricey for what it was but it’s chocolate, and it has Platform 9 ¾ on it and the more I buy the better a blogpost it’ll make. I may have a problem…

I’m building quite a little Platform 9 3/4 collection now, I can’t stop picking things up every time I go. Have you purchased anything from there? What are your favourite Harry Potter themed purchases?

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Rooftop Cinema Club

One of the things I enjoy most in the world is curling up on the sofa, wrapping up under a blanket and watching a good movie. I don’t think I realised how much of a film fan I was until the boyfriend pointed out that every time he suggests a film to watch I reply with “seen it”. I also didn’t realise how much I went to the cinema until he’d ask when I watched the film and I usually reply with “at the cinema”. I think it’s because growing in a small town there was very little to do except go to the cinemas. So most Friday nights you’d find me on the back row munching on popcorn.

I’ve always wanted to go to an outdoor cinema, the atmosphere looks so relaxed and romantic. I was planning a trip to London when I stumbled upon the Rooftop Cinema Club. They have venues in several locations around London and they play plenty of films throughout the week. If you’re thinking of going then I recommend buying a membership. It costs only £3 more than buying two tickets but you get two free tickets as soon as you sign up, 10% off at the bar and concession and, most importantly, bottomless popcorn!

I chose to watch True Romance at the Bussey Building in Peckham. Half of the roof is the cinema whilst the other half is a bar. It was an absolutely beautiful sunny day so we went a little early to check the bar out. I think rooftop bars are my new favourite thing. It was so relaxing to sit up there with the sun beating down, sipping on a mojito. The views were so stunning, you can see all of the London skyline from up there – the Shard, the London Eye and the Millennium Dome. After a couple of drinks we grabbed some popcorn, a blanket and chose some good seats. It was very romantic, wrapped up under a blanket watching a film at sunset with the fairy lights twinkling away. Definitely a good date night idea!

Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema? 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

20 Things I Learned Living With My Partner

So at some point in your life you may decide to move in with your other half. This could be down to financial reasons, having nowhere else to go or hell, it may even be down to true love. You both start looking for that perfect dream flat. The one with the ensuite, airy rooms and south facing balcony with great views. Then you look at the rent and decide what’s so good about a great view anyway? You’ll just spend most of the time looking at Netflix. Then you finally find the place that’s just the right combination of cute and affordable. You pack all of your belongings, eventually admitting that it’s probably best to leave your Disney VHS’ behind given that you don’t even have a VHS player any more. You take that first important step across your doorway and look around your new house whilst clinging on to each other in excitement. The first night is spent romantically eating a takeaway on top of cardboard boxes like they do in the movies. But what next? What is it like to live with your other half? Well here are 20 things I have learned…

1.       Shopping for homeware is thee most exciting thing ever
So many things I never knew I needed! Think pasta jars.

2.       Economically it’s a dream
You can get twice as much homeware! As well as splitting bills, etc.

3.       There can be some awkward conversations on what to put on display
How do you tactfully say that the star wars toy they love so much is ugly?

4.       You soon learn each other’s weird quirks
“So you sleep with a top over your eyes every night then? Interesting”

5.       The weekly shop can become a somewhat heated experience
My sister’s boyfriend refers to it as the weekly argument. Enough said.

6.       As can deciding on what to cook when you finally get home.
“We had curry 3 times last week!”

7.       You can spend hours just deciding on what to watch
So many series on the go, so little finished.

8.       And you cannot watch the next episode unless the other person is present
So you end up binge watching some obscure show whenever they’re out of town.

9.       You’re both messy in your own way
I leave the sponge in the sink, he leaves his socks in the living room

10.   Which can lead to countless arguments about the smallest of things
“If you could just fold the towel up for once…”

11.   And then there’s the all mighty, guns-a-blazing arguments
Poor neighbours.

12.   But by now you’ve learned how to swing things back around
And you’re reluctantly laughing soon enough.

13.   Patience is quite handy
Let them off once in a while, no one’s perfect

14.   Because they’re there when you’re having shit days
With chocolate.

15.   They’ll listen to you complain about that bitch Sandra from finance
And they’ll get quite invested too.

16.   They know just how to cheer you up
Harry Potter marathon. Always.

17.   Having a permanent person for a Netflix date is pretty cool
There’s nothing better than doing nothing together

18.   And a permanent takeaway buddy
Payday dominos is a thing!

19.   And a workout buddy
You can’t eat all those dominos guilt free (sort of)

20.   Most importantly, it’s not as scary as you think it will be!
It’s just like living with your friend.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Romantic Weekend in London

Recently the boyfriend and I celebrated our four year anniversary. That’s right, four years and we haven’t killed each other. And we’ve spent three of those living together. This was definitely cause for celebration. For our presents we each bought each other something to do whilst in London. It’s so hard to buy actual physical presents these days and experiences make for better memories. So here’s my diary style round up of the lovely weekend.

 We stayed at a lovely Air BnB in Shoreditch, it was close enough to all the action but in a quiet location, just perfect! I had heard so much about Shoreditch I couldn’t wait to go. For food we ended up going to Dinerama, which has loads of different food stalls. I got an a-mazing pizza that was cooked in a wood fire oven, so delicious.

Afterwards, we made our way over to Peckham for the present I chose - tickets to the Rooftop Cinema Club at the Bussey Building. We spent a couple of hours at the rooftop bar enjoying the breath-taking views. Then we took our seats at the outdoor cinema and watched the 90’s classic True Romance. I absolutely love 90’s films, such a good decade for films. It was so cool to watch a film at sunset, tucked under a blanket and the stars. And the atmosphere was great, it felt so relaxing.

On Saturday morning we wanted to explore Shoreditch. As I said I had always wanted to go and I had heard good things about the markets, so we made our way to Brick Lane. They were so lively and bustling, with delicious smells floating in the air and colourful characters on the stalls. I found the cutest stripy pinafore dress for only £14!

We also popped on down to the street festival Urban Fest for lunch before heading on down to Camden. But the biggest part of the day was the present I received– tickets to see Matilda on the west end!!! Omg it was so good, one of the best shows I have ever seen. 

Time to go home. Every time I visit London I want to move there, I love this city so much. We picked up a bagel from the famous beigel bake and sat down in a nearby park to eat it. The weather had been glorious all weekend, much different from rainy Manchester. I saw so many vloggers around, it was weird seeing it from the other side of the camera! After nipping in the Platform 9 ¾ shop we got on the train back home.

Have you been to London lately? Or are you planning to?


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

I Went Swimming

I feel like I have recently fell into the trap of blogging about beauty. And whilst this is a popular area to choose and many people enjoy reading about it, it’s not what I want the main theme of my blog to be. I would like to write more lifestyle style posts, which basically will involve me rambling about possibly mundane thoughts or experiences I have.

So to kick this off I’m going to talk about something I did this week that I have not done in many years. I went swimming. Now for some this may seem like a boring occurrence (hey, I did warn you) but for me it was a big step. First off, I absolutely love swimming. When I was a little girl I was at the swimming baths most weekends, I swam for my primary school swim team and the only way you could tempt me out of the sea on holiday was with the promise of a Mr Whippy. And what little girl didn’t at one point dream of being Ariel?

However, as time ticked on and I became increasingly more aware of my body, I started to shy away from the swimming pool. Wearing a two piece in front of strangers was not the one. But last week I was scrolling through o2 priority moments and they currently have a 2 week free trial at Nuffield Health Gym, which only has a blooming swimming pool. The little girl in me just couldn’t resist diving in. So on Monday morning I packed my bikini, put on my brave face and headed to the gym.

And as I stood in the changing room it suddenly dawned on me…holy shit I’m going to be practically naked in a room full of strangers. What on earth have I got myself into? I even contemplated just sitting in reception and waiting for my boyfriend to realise I wasn’t turning up. I’m sure he’d have figured it out eventually. But looking around the changing room I saw how many other women were unashamedly stripping down and I thought, eff this. If they can do it, so can I. So I quickly changed in a private changing room (baby steps), wrapped myself in a towel and sauntered on over to the pool.

I stared at the towel hangers or a couple of minutes before I bravely hung mine up. Taking a few deep breaths I walked around the corner praying to god no one was looking my way. I had not been this naked in front of this many people in a really long time. I quickly climbed down the swimming pool ladder and then, I suddenly began to relax. I did around 20 laps with many little breaks to natter and regain some strength, swimming is much harder than I remembered and I had just done a run on the treadmill. I realised no one cared what I looked like and I did not care what they thought anyway. I was able to forget about my body hang ups and have a fun for a little while.

Now, I’m not saying I’m fully over my body images issues. Will any of us ever be 100% completely happy with ourselves? But I do feel it was a significant step in the right direction. I know a lot of my bad body image comes from how I think other people perceive me. I always assume they think I’m some ginormous beast. So letting all of that go, even for just half an hour on a Monday evening, was just what I needed. I also remembered how much I loved swimming and I was happy to be back in the water. What a stress relief!

Hope you liked my lifestyle styled post, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Do you have any body hang ups? What do you do to overcome them?

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Game of Brows

Nothing is more intense, full of drama or contains as many plot twists. I remember as a little girl my mother said to me, just as her mother said to her, “daughter, brows are coming”. From generation to generation we were told how the First Women all recognised the strength of the brow. How they shaped our community, as well as our face. Well, now it is my turn to pass on the pencil of knowledge and tell you of two strong characters in the most dangerous and rewarding game we women know…the game of brows.

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil - £10
I am so in love with this brow kit. I am an auburn-y ginger and chose the shade Brownie Points which works perfectly. So the first end you use is the brow tint which is a felt tip applicator. This is soft and flexible and fills in my brows whilst still looking natural. Then I use the pencil to blend and shape. This is light enough for day use but if you want a more dramatic look for a night out you can always double apply.

NYX Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour - £8
I got this in light beige. It’s a little darker than the Soap & Glory brow kit so I mainly use this on a night out as I prefer my makeup to look more natural during the day. So you twist the pencil end to get the pencil out and then shape and sculpt along the brow. My favourite part of this product is the highlighter which lets you contour your brows – who even knew you could contour brows?! I thought it was a load of hoo har but it actually does make your brows look more defined.

I like both of these products, each has its own little perk. But this is the game of brows and only one may conquer all….who will you stand behind?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below and share if you like.

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