Sunday, 17 July 2016

New Wardrobe or New Me?

“I have nothing to wear!!!!” 

How many times have we said this ladies? Stood wrapped in a towel staring at a wardrobe that is practically overflowing with pretty clothes. That top that would go with everything. That dress that you could wear at work, at the pub and out shopping. That skirt that you just had to have because it’s beautiful, half price and the last one in your size. However, as I mentally start changing into all of my outfits, piecing that beautiful skirt and multi-functional top together, I suddenly have absolutely nothing to wear.

How does this happen? Well, it’s pretty simple. I do love all of those clothes but what I don’t love is the mental picture I have of me in them. Lately body image seems to be at the forefront of my mind. Sure I’ve had my down days in the past, who hasn’t? But lately I seem to be having more down days than up days. I feel almost constantly aware of how I look and I’m not a happy bunny. And who is to blame for this? The media for their unrealistic portrayal of the female body? Pressure from my peers on how I should look? The perfect body demons who follow anyone who is lower than a 9 out of 10 around yielding pitchforks and hurling insults?

No. Actually, I blame myself. I have let my diet drastically go from barely passable to borderline scary. And my exercise routine is such a striking contrast to this time last year when I was working out every morning before work and going on runs. Whenever I go through periods of not exercising and eating poorly it does more than just affect my physical appearance. I feel more stressed, I have less energy, I find it harder to wake up in the morning, my moods drops, I am unmotivated to workout…the list goes on. And annoyingly when I start to feel all this I reach for a pick me up usually in the form of chocolate and so the cycle continues. And then I end up stood in front of my previously perfectly adequate wardrobe with nothing that’s fits quite right and yelling “I have nothing to wear!”

Well it is time to break this cycle (again). Back to using My Fitness Pal, back to eating healthy and delicious food and back to morning HIIT workouts and running. Not just to make myself happier when I get ready for a night out, but also so I feel happier on a day-to-day basis. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck!!! Hope you get to that happy place you want to be! 💕

    1. Thank you very much! 😊 Been eating healthier this week and I already feel a lot better. It makes a big difference X x

  2. I can so relate! Need to overhaul my own diet x


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