Wednesday, 6 July 2016

L'oreal Extraordinary Oils

I’ve been hearing a lot about oils recently so I thought I would give them a go. I asked a friend for some guidance as I had absolutely no idea where to start and she recommended trying L’oreal oils. So after staring at their Extraordinary Oils range in Boots for about half an hour I settled on these two – the Facial Cleansing Oil and the Nourishing Oil Cream.

Facial Cleansing Oil
I was a little apprehensive using an oil to remove my make-up, it just seems like a really weird notion. However my friend thoroughly recommended trying this one so onwards I went. The instructions say to apply 2-3 drops onto dry skin, massaging it into your face and over your lashes, lids and lips. It doesn’t exactly come out in drops, it sort of just pours out so watch out for that. First impressions were wow this feels weird… After you get used to the whole oil thing this is without a doubt thee BEST makeup remover I have ever used! It removes make-up so easily, especially eye make-up which can be quite stubborn to get off and I usually worry about making wrinkles when I have to rub extra hard. I was concerned it would make my skin feel greasy but the oil just washes away.

Nourishing Oil Cream
I love a good moisturiser but I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut recently using the same one again and again. So when I was checking out the L’oreal Extraordinary Oils range I thought I’d grab myself a moisturiser to mix things up. This is a daily one which I use in the morning before putting my face on and at night once I’ve removed my make-up. I am so in love with this cream! Not only does is smell unbelievably good (I can’t stop opening it to smell whilst writing this) but it makes my skin feel so soft and moisturised all day long even after I put my make-up on. Also when I’ve been away for the weekend and not taken this with me I still can feel a noticeable difference in my skin.

So if you haven’t got any of the L’oreal Extraordinary Oils range then, why not? Quick, go get some! I have literally removed all my other skin care products from my dressing table and just have these two on there at the moment. I will definitely be going back and exploring more of the range.


  1. I've tried the Loreal Extraordinary Oil for hair and absolutely loved it, I had no idea they did skincare oils in the same range so I'm going to be hunting these down! My skin gets so dry over the summer, good quality oils are about the only thing that really get rid of it x

    1. I did not know they did a hair range too!!! I'll definitely be checking that out. I think this is the only moisturiser I have used that's left my skin feeling moisturised all day, it's so good! X X


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