Sunday, 24 July 2016

Homemade Brunch

If you follow me on any of my social media channels you may have noticed that I am obsessed with brunch. Every weekend you will usually find me sat in the corner of a café tucking into some form of brunch, after taking several snaps obviously. Well buying brunch every week was starting to get a little costly so I took matters into my own hand and decided to create my own homemade brunch.

 What you’ll need

·         Bread (I chose Asda’s Chilli bread)
·         Hummus
·         2 eggs
·         Vinegar
·         Cucumber
·         Spinach
·         Cherry Tomatoes
·         Radish
·         Dry Cured Chorizo
·         Pepper to season

What to do

Step One: Slice the bread into thick chunks and place under the grill to lightly toast.

Step Two: Once toasted spread some hummus on top.

Step Three: Chop the cucumber into wedges.

Step Four: Chop the cherry tomatoes into quarters.

Step Five: Slice the radish.

Step Six: Dice the chorizo. Optional – fry for a couple of minutes if you don’t like/prefer raw chorizo.

Step Seven: Poach the egg. Now this is where it can get a little tricky but it’s not too complicated. Simply bring a pan of cold water to boil then add 1-2 teaspoons of vinegar. Create a small whirlpool in the pan by stirring the water with a spoon. Crack the egg and drop it close to the water – don’t drop from a height like you would when frying an egg, keep it close. Once poached (usually after 2-3 minutes) use a spooned spatula to lift the egg out and place on a paper towel for a couple of minutes

Step Eight: Place the eggs on the bread. Put the spinach around the bread and place the cucumber wedges on top. Scatter over the tomatoes, radish and chorizo. Optional – use pepper to season.

Step Nine: Take a picture for Instagram.

Step Ten: Eat and enjoy!

 So that’s my homemade brunch recipe. It’s quick and easy to make and doesn’t cost £10 per person. I haven’t put how many tomatoes/cucumber etc. as it’s up to personal preference, if you’re really hungry add more, if you’re looking for a lighter brunch hold back. Let me know what you think in the comments section below and please share if you like. What’s your favourite thing to have for brunch?


  1. This post made me so hungry! It looks delicious. Subbed!

    1. haha ooops sorry! It was so delicious, thanks :) xx

  2. Love a good brunch on the weekends - such a good reason to stay in bed a little longer, but sadly we don't do enough of anymore!

    Love this, might have to try it soon, thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James


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