Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Blush & Bronze

For many, many, many years I have been taking the same stance with my make-up: I'll have whatever's cheapest. It’s never something I have particularly given that much thought to, thinking they’re all probably the same therefore I might as well get the one that costs less. Well, I have been getting into my make-up a little more this past year and I am slowly introducing new products into my make-up bag.

Bronzers and blushers are the latest items that are getting the swap from cheap to cheerful. I recently cringed at my orange and red reflection and decided it was finally time. At first I went to the Benefit counter because I must have thought I’d won the lottery. But after inwardly gasping at their prices (£24.50 for a blusher?!) I quickly backed out of Debenhams and hurried on down the high street to Boots. So what did I settle on?

Soap & Glory Glow All Out (£11)
I bought mascara from Soap & Glory not too long ago and I thought it was the best mascara I have ever bought (aside from Estee Lauder) so I headed on over there. Their packaging practically draws me in, it’s just so bright and pretty. I bought the Glow All Out blusher as I like blushers that are quite a soft and fair pink, my skin is light so I can’t go too dark or I look like a clown. This has a soft shimmer to it which really highlights your cheeks. Verdict? I love it, definitely worth paying a little more for without it being too expensive.

NYX Tango with Bronzing Powder Tribal Odyssey (£8)
When I got to Boots I noticed a crowd gathered in the corner, could there be someone famous there? Nope, but it was something famous. Even I, a completely un-savvy make-up girl, have heard of NYX. They have been plastered across my social media feeds for the past few months. I chose this colour again due to having light skin. When I got it out of the box and it was dark brown I worried I had chosen poorly. But the shades all blend in together nicely to give a shimmery bronzed look. I’ve only been able to properly try it out for work where I like to be more light-handed with my make-up, so I am looking forward to using it at the weekend to create a summer look!

I love these products, they certainly make a welcoming change from the bargain blushes and bronzers I usually buy. They’re sort of mid high-street price range which is the upper limit for me really (I'll just yearn for Benefit from afar). Luckily I managed to get them in the sale too, hurrah! What are your go to bronzers and blushers? Have you tried any of the Soap & Glory or NYX ranges?

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  1. That S&G blusher is a gorgeous Summer shade!

    Emily xo


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