Wednesday, 20 July 2016

ASOS Tees & Cactus Watch

Who doesn’t love a good ASOS binge? It’s been my dream since I was only slightly younger than I am now to have an ASOS order delivered in a box. What girl doesn’t dream of the moment they see the postman walking towards them struggling to carry that box down the drive way. Well, I work during the day so I’m not in to see the postman make his delivery and I don’t have a drive way as I live in a block of flats but dang nabbit I can get a box! And a box I got. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from my ASOS box-worthy haul…

Daisy Tee
You can never have enough tees. I tend to wear black jeans to work a lot so to make it look like I’m not wearing the same outfit everyday I’m stocking up on tees. This is one quite plain and simple but I do love the little flower with the daisy leaves saying ‘he loves me, he loves me not’.

Cactus Watch
I barely leave the house without this on now. I think it’s my favourite piece from my ASOS haul. It’s got a brown leather (or leather looking) strap with a green cactus on the face. Simple but trendy.

Summer Lovin’ Tee
I have recently started watching ‘That 70s Show’ as everybody raves about how groovy it is and I’d never even heard of it before. I’m now several series in and loving it. When I saw this top on ASOS it instantly made me think of the show. Very 70’s and perfect for summer!

I am so in love with ASOS at the moment. With the delivery and returns process being so simple, quick and easy they’re my go to online retailer. Have you bought anything nice from ASOS lately?

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