Sunday, 31 July 2016

5 Things That Suck About Being an Adult

Let’s face it guys, whilst there are some great things about being an adult, there are also things that just downright suck. It has been three years since I left university – wow, did not realise it had been that long. How I miss the days of lounging around the house, binge watching all of the TV shows and eating leftovers from last night’s takeaway. Now it’s all responsibility this and responsibility that, blah blah blah. So here are five things that suck:

1.    Paying All Of The Bills
Why does everybody want my money? Water, electricity, council tax, rent, the list just keeps on going. Don’t they know I need to binge shop on ASOS whilst eating Dominos.

2.    Going To Work
How am I supposed to keep up with my Netflix shows when I have to drag my ass out of bed every day and sit in work?  Gawd!

3.    Always Having Something To Do
I just never seem to have any free time these days. Work, cleaning the flat, looking after the ferrets, cooking and keeping up some form of a social life. I just want to sit and do nothing for a while please.

4.    Friends Growing Up
Okay so is everybody I know getting married and/or having babies? It’s hard enough to look after the ferrets and support my shopping addiction without a baby in the mix too. If you like it do NOT put a ring on it thank you.

5.    Hangovers
Oh dear lord hangovers are truly the work of the devil. I was so smug and naïve in my early drinking days, going out 5 nights in a row without a hangover, thinking it would last forever. Now I’m just a quivering mess, curled up in the fetal position demanding constant attention and food.

I could go on, possibly because I am slightly hungover whilst writing this, but I best stop. What do you dislike about being an adult?



  1. Loved this post! Although it is making me slightly nervous to go into the real world as I'm about to start my final year of university. Guess I better make the most of it all now!

    Lucy //

    1. Thank you! Haha I don't like the real world, take me back to uni! Enjoy your last year! I am planning on writing a counter post on things that are good about being an adult too so it's not all bad 😊 Xx


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