Sunday, 31 July 2016

5 Things That Suck About Being an Adult

Let’s face it guys, whilst there are some great things about being an adult, there are also things that just downright suck. It has been three years since I left university – wow, did not realise it had been that long. How I miss the days of lounging around the house, binge watching all of the TV shows and eating leftovers from last night’s takeaway. Now it’s all responsibility this and responsibility that, blah blah blah. So here are five things that suck:

1.    Paying All Of The Bills
Why does everybody want my money? Water, electricity, council tax, rent, the list just keeps on going. Don’t they know I need to binge shop on ASOS whilst eating Dominos.

2.    Going To Work
How am I supposed to keep up with my Netflix shows when I have to drag my ass out of bed every day and sit in work?  Gawd!

3.    Always Having Something To Do
I just never seem to have any free time these days. Work, cleaning the flat, looking after the ferrets, cooking and keeping up some form of a social life. I just want to sit and do nothing for a while please.

4.    Friends Growing Up
Okay so is everybody I know getting married and/or having babies? It’s hard enough to look after the ferrets and support my shopping addiction without a baby in the mix too. If you like it do NOT put a ring on it thank you.

5.    Hangovers
Oh dear lord hangovers are truly the work of the devil. I was so smug and naïve in my early drinking days, going out 5 nights in a row without a hangover, thinking it would last forever. Now I’m just a quivering mess, curled up in the fetal position demanding constant attention and food.

I could go on, possibly because I am slightly hungover whilst writing this, but I best stop. What do you dislike about being an adult?


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Fudge & Brownie

Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to my blog. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to not one, but two terrific little guys. They’re both chocolate coloured, both naughty and both as cute as a button. Meet….Fudge and Brownie!!!! Moving on. So why ferrets I hear you ask? Well, have you ever seen the film Along Came Polly? With Jennifer Anniston and Ben Stiller where she’s some kooky person that just can’t settle down. Well if you can recall she had a blind ferret call Rodolfo. He was just so adorable in his little jumper I had to have one!

I got my first ferret five years ago now. Unfortunately he went over the rainbow bridge last year (DIP Jay Jay). I loved him so much, he was the funniest and cutest little guy in the world. I didn’t know a thing about ferrets but boy did I learn…and quickly! They require a special kind of attention and can be a handful at times, nevertheless they are one of the best pets I think you can ever have. They provide you with endless hours of entertainment and if you’re lucky they’ll give you a cuddle too. 

Firstly let me start by apologising for the quality of my ferret pictures. Ferrets are renowned for being wiggly little buggers, it’s a miracle to get a snap of them at all. Seriously, when you see a high quality ferret picture please appreciate it. And given that these guys are young and full of energy they’ve barely stayed still. So let’s talk about Fudge & Brownie. It took forever to decide on names, we got plenty of suggestions from friends and family – lemon and lime, bert and ernie, gin and tonic (one of my faves). However given their beautiful chocolate coat I knew they had to be chocolate themed names. And so we have our little chocolate fudge brownie! 

If you want to follow their adventures then head on over to FudgeBrownieFerrets on Instagram for daily updates. Have you ever met a ferret? What pets do you or would you like to have?

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Homemade Brunch

If you follow me on any of my social media channels you may have noticed that I am obsessed with brunch. Every weekend you will usually find me sat in the corner of a café tucking into some form of brunch, after taking several snaps obviously. Well buying brunch every week was starting to get a little costly so I took matters into my own hand and decided to create my own homemade brunch.

 What you’ll need

·         Bread (I chose Asda’s Chilli bread)
·         Hummus
·         2 eggs
·         Vinegar
·         Cucumber
·         Spinach
·         Cherry Tomatoes
·         Radish
·         Dry Cured Chorizo
·         Pepper to season

What to do

Step One: Slice the bread into thick chunks and place under the grill to lightly toast.

Step Two: Once toasted spread some hummus on top.

Step Three: Chop the cucumber into wedges.

Step Four: Chop the cherry tomatoes into quarters.

Step Five: Slice the radish.

Step Six: Dice the chorizo. Optional – fry for a couple of minutes if you don’t like/prefer raw chorizo.

Step Seven: Poach the egg. Now this is where it can get a little tricky but it’s not too complicated. Simply bring a pan of cold water to boil then add 1-2 teaspoons of vinegar. Create a small whirlpool in the pan by stirring the water with a spoon. Crack the egg and drop it close to the water – don’t drop from a height like you would when frying an egg, keep it close. Once poached (usually after 2-3 minutes) use a spooned spatula to lift the egg out and place on a paper towel for a couple of minutes

Step Eight: Place the eggs on the bread. Put the spinach around the bread and place the cucumber wedges on top. Scatter over the tomatoes, radish and chorizo. Optional – use pepper to season.

Step Nine: Take a picture for Instagram.

Step Ten: Eat and enjoy!

 So that’s my homemade brunch recipe. It’s quick and easy to make and doesn’t cost £10 per person. I haven’t put how many tomatoes/cucumber etc. as it’s up to personal preference, if you’re really hungry add more, if you’re looking for a lighter brunch hold back. Let me know what you think in the comments section below and please share if you like. What’s your favourite thing to have for brunch?

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

ASOS Tees & Cactus Watch

Who doesn’t love a good ASOS binge? It’s been my dream since I was only slightly younger than I am now to have an ASOS order delivered in a box. What girl doesn’t dream of the moment they see the postman walking towards them struggling to carry that box down the drive way. Well, I work during the day so I’m not in to see the postman make his delivery and I don’t have a drive way as I live in a block of flats but dang nabbit I can get a box! And a box I got. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from my ASOS box-worthy haul…

Daisy Tee
You can never have enough tees. I tend to wear black jeans to work a lot so to make it look like I’m not wearing the same outfit everyday I’m stocking up on tees. This is one quite plain and simple but I do love the little flower with the daisy leaves saying ‘he loves me, he loves me not’.

Cactus Watch
I barely leave the house without this on now. I think it’s my favourite piece from my ASOS haul. It’s got a brown leather (or leather looking) strap with a green cactus on the face. Simple but trendy.

Summer Lovin’ Tee
I have recently started watching ‘That 70s Show’ as everybody raves about how groovy it is and I’d never even heard of it before. I’m now several series in and loving it. When I saw this top on ASOS it instantly made me think of the show. Very 70’s and perfect for summer!

I am so in love with ASOS at the moment. With the delivery and returns process being so simple, quick and easy they’re my go to online retailer. Have you bought anything nice from ASOS lately?

Please share if you like and/or comment below J

Sunday, 17 July 2016

New Wardrobe or New Me?

“I have nothing to wear!!!!” 

How many times have we said this ladies? Stood wrapped in a towel staring at a wardrobe that is practically overflowing with pretty clothes. That top that would go with everything. That dress that you could wear at work, at the pub and out shopping. That skirt that you just had to have because it’s beautiful, half price and the last one in your size. However, as I mentally start changing into all of my outfits, piecing that beautiful skirt and multi-functional top together, I suddenly have absolutely nothing to wear.

How does this happen? Well, it’s pretty simple. I do love all of those clothes but what I don’t love is the mental picture I have of me in them. Lately body image seems to be at the forefront of my mind. Sure I’ve had my down days in the past, who hasn’t? But lately I seem to be having more down days than up days. I feel almost constantly aware of how I look and I’m not a happy bunny. And who is to blame for this? The media for their unrealistic portrayal of the female body? Pressure from my peers on how I should look? The perfect body demons who follow anyone who is lower than a 9 out of 10 around yielding pitchforks and hurling insults?

No. Actually, I blame myself. I have let my diet drastically go from barely passable to borderline scary. And my exercise routine is such a striking contrast to this time last year when I was working out every morning before work and going on runs. Whenever I go through periods of not exercising and eating poorly it does more than just affect my physical appearance. I feel more stressed, I have less energy, I find it harder to wake up in the morning, my moods drops, I am unmotivated to workout…the list goes on. And annoyingly when I start to feel all this I reach for a pick me up usually in the form of chocolate and so the cycle continues. And then I end up stood in front of my previously perfectly adequate wardrobe with nothing that’s fits quite right and yelling “I have nothing to wear!”

Well it is time to break this cycle (again). Back to using My Fitness Pal, back to eating healthy and delicious food and back to morning HIIT workouts and running. Not just to make myself happier when I get ready for a night out, but also so I feel happier on a day-to-day basis. Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Blush & Bronze

For many, many, many years I have been taking the same stance with my make-up: I'll have whatever's cheapest. It’s never something I have particularly given that much thought to, thinking they’re all probably the same therefore I might as well get the one that costs less. Well, I have been getting into my make-up a little more this past year and I am slowly introducing new products into my make-up bag.

Bronzers and blushers are the latest items that are getting the swap from cheap to cheerful. I recently cringed at my orange and red reflection and decided it was finally time. At first I went to the Benefit counter because I must have thought I’d won the lottery. But after inwardly gasping at their prices (£24.50 for a blusher?!) I quickly backed out of Debenhams and hurried on down the high street to Boots. So what did I settle on?

Soap & Glory Glow All Out (£11)
I bought mascara from Soap & Glory not too long ago and I thought it was the best mascara I have ever bought (aside from Estee Lauder) so I headed on over there. Their packaging practically draws me in, it’s just so bright and pretty. I bought the Glow All Out blusher as I like blushers that are quite a soft and fair pink, my skin is light so I can’t go too dark or I look like a clown. This has a soft shimmer to it which really highlights your cheeks. Verdict? I love it, definitely worth paying a little more for without it being too expensive.

NYX Tango with Bronzing Powder Tribal Odyssey (£8)
When I got to Boots I noticed a crowd gathered in the corner, could there be someone famous there? Nope, but it was something famous. Even I, a completely un-savvy make-up girl, have heard of NYX. They have been plastered across my social media feeds for the past few months. I chose this colour again due to having light skin. When I got it out of the box and it was dark brown I worried I had chosen poorly. But the shades all blend in together nicely to give a shimmery bronzed look. I’ve only been able to properly try it out for work where I like to be more light-handed with my make-up, so I am looking forward to using it at the weekend to create a summer look!

I love these products, they certainly make a welcoming change from the bargain blushes and bronzers I usually buy. They’re sort of mid high-street price range which is the upper limit for me really (I'll just yearn for Benefit from afar). Luckily I managed to get them in the sale too, hurrah! What are your go to bronzers and blushers? Have you tried any of the Soap & Glory or NYX ranges?

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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Dublin Diary

I don’t know how I have not written this post until now! I recently went on a girl’s weekend away to the beautiful city of Dublin and it was incredible. I also went to Dublin for New Year’s Eve (read about that here - New Years in Dublin) and I loved it, we had so much fun despite the downpour of rain we had to endure. So I was very excited to visit again, especially in summer time (silently praying for sun)! Okay, so here’s a diary style round up of my trip….(WARNING: Lots of food pics ahead)

Firstly, let me start by saying I got a flight there on my own cos I am a strong independent woman! Sorry, it’s the first time I’ve flown on my own so I thought I’d give it a little mention. Moving on. Once the rest of the girls arrived we headed to our Air BNB which was in the best location (so wish I could find a link to this, if I do I’ll pop it in). Everything we needed to do was a ten minute walk away, it was right on the high street and it was so huge!

Tourist attraction number one was the Kilmainhaim Gaol which is a short bus ride from the city centre. The tour was so interesting, focusing on the political offenders who got imprisoned during Ireland’s battle for independence. I loved the tour guide who was obviously very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and knew how to work the group. After this we hopped back on the bus into the city centre, had one of the biggest burgers ever at Jo’s Burgers and then headed to Temple Bar area (obv).

Feeling surprisingly fresh after a night of cocktails, singing and dancing we started our Saturday off the only way you can do, with brunch! I am so loving brunch food at the moment and am always on the lookout for new places. As I mentioned, our Air BNB location was perfect and we stumbled upon a place called Brother Hubbard just a few doors up from us. If you ever go to Dublin, you HAVE to visit here. I think this is one of the best meals I have ever had!

Tourist attraction number two was the Old Jameson Distillery. For those who don’t know, Jameson is an Irish whisky whose distinctive quality is that it is triple distilled. I really like this tour, it’s reasonably priced and it’s only a short walk from the city centre. It last about 45 minutes and this includes whisky tasting and a whisky cocktail at the end. 

Our incredibly organised friend (who pretty much organised the whole trip - thank you very much!) had booked us into a place called 777, a contemporary Mexican restaurant. Mixed opinions on this place, the waitress was a little pushy in what we ordered as she was clearly trying to up sell, leaving us a little confused with what was actually coming to the table. Aside from that the food was so delicious (we really ate so well over the weekend) and the atmosphere was great. It’s also ideally located near all the main bars which is of course a priority!

So there’s my round up of my girl’s weekend in Dublin. I left there already mentally planning my next trip, if you book in advance plane tickets from Manchester are £20, leaving more money for the alcohol fund. Have you ever been to Dublin? Please click share if you like :)

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

L'oreal Extraordinary Oils

I’ve been hearing a lot about oils recently so I thought I would give them a go. I asked a friend for some guidance as I had absolutely no idea where to start and she recommended trying L’oreal oils. So after staring at their Extraordinary Oils range in Boots for about half an hour I settled on these two – the Facial Cleansing Oil and the Nourishing Oil Cream.

Facial Cleansing Oil
I was a little apprehensive using an oil to remove my make-up, it just seems like a really weird notion. However my friend thoroughly recommended trying this one so onwards I went. The instructions say to apply 2-3 drops onto dry skin, massaging it into your face and over your lashes, lids and lips. It doesn’t exactly come out in drops, it sort of just pours out so watch out for that. First impressions were wow this feels weird… After you get used to the whole oil thing this is without a doubt thee BEST makeup remover I have ever used! It removes make-up so easily, especially eye make-up which can be quite stubborn to get off and I usually worry about making wrinkles when I have to rub extra hard. I was concerned it would make my skin feel greasy but the oil just washes away.

Nourishing Oil Cream
I love a good moisturiser but I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut recently using the same one again and again. So when I was checking out the L’oreal Extraordinary Oils range I thought I’d grab myself a moisturiser to mix things up. This is a daily one which I use in the morning before putting my face on and at night once I’ve removed my make-up. I am so in love with this cream! Not only does is smell unbelievably good (I can’t stop opening it to smell whilst writing this) but it makes my skin feel so soft and moisturised all day long even after I put my make-up on. Also when I’ve been away for the weekend and not taken this with me I still can feel a noticeable difference in my skin.

So if you haven’t got any of the L’oreal Extraordinary Oils range then, why not? Quick, go get some! I have literally removed all my other skin care products from my dressing table and just have these two on there at the moment. I will definitely be going back and exploring more of the range.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Primark Pyjamas

Okay so I’ve been going on a little bit of a pyjama shopping spree lately. I feel it’s totally justified seen as though every night after work I basically step into my PJ’s as soon as my feet cross my front door. I’m all about the comfort. In a previous post Pretty Primark Pieces I found some extremely cool milkshake pyjamas and I talked about how Primark had got some strong pyjama game going on at the moment. Well the other weekend I had a couple of hours to kill while in Cambridge and I found myself wandering on over to Primark’s pyjama section…and it did not disappoint. I ended up picking out not one, but three pairs of PJ’s! I did feel a little guilty about buying so many until I spoke to a friend who has like a dozen pairs and they cost her around £25 each! I picked all these up for a grand total of £22.50!

The first pair I found was the cute popcorn pair! I love how the bottoms have the red and white stripes like a popcorn bag. The top is a black vest with sort of loose shoulders at the back (not sure how to describe it) and it has a little popcorn box on the left which I didn’t realise at first is a little pocket! And because the weather is not always warm even in summer I got another pair with leggings and also because any excuse for another pair of Harry Potter pyjamas, am I right? Along the waistband of the leggings it says ‘Property of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’. Finally, and probably my favourite pair, there’s the cactus pair. I just love the ‘Free Hugs’ on the top, made me giggle.

So that’s my latest PJ haul all from the wonderful Primark. Have you checked out their pyjama section lately? Or bought any cool pairs elsewhere?
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