Sunday, 5 June 2016

Byr-illiant Burgers

One thing you should know about Manchester is it’s pretty big on burgers. So when my friend came to visit and wanted to eat out I decided a burger is just what we needed. I’ve been to Byron Burger a few times now and I really like it. I got an email a few weeks back saying they had some new items on the menu which provided the perfect excuse to go back – someone has to do the research right?

So what’s new on the menu I hear you ask? Well let’s start with my burger. I went for the newly added Byronaldo (£10.95) which comes which crispy bacon, Fedar cheese, Bovril onions, crispy onions, bread and butter pickles and Byron mustard sauce. They cook the burger medium so it’s a little pink in the middle. I actually wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did. The burger was so juicy and all of the toppings complimented each other well making it truly delicious. This comes with a side of pickles but that seems pretty pointless as it has lots of pickles along the bottom of the burger anyway so I think that’s just to fill the plate as you are paying towards an upper price range for just a burger on its own. 

The burger I usually go for is the B-Rex (£10.50) which is what my friend went for after my recommendation. I think this is the best burger on the menu, there was such a big size difference between the two! The B-Rex comes with an onion ring, streaky bacon, American cheese, jalapenos, pickles, onion, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise. So this burger is definitely packed full of flavour - I’m a sucker for jalapenos and onion rings so it suits me to a tee. I have had this as a skinny burger (no extra cost) where you don’t have the bun but instead have a side salad. I love grabbing a burger with both hands and sinking my teeth into it, but this was a great alternative to cut down on a few carbs and calories and the side salad was delicious, not just a bit of lettuce on the side. I’ll definitely be trying one of these again when I don’t want to feel too bloaty.

As I’ve been here before I knew how filling the burgers can be and having a burger and a side on your own may be a bit too much. Hence my friend and I shared a side and as we were doing this for research (hemhem) we chose the new Bacon Cheese Topped Fries (£4.75). I’m not sure how they mix the bacon favour into the cheese but it works pretty well, the only down side I would point out is that they come in a small but deep circular dish so all of the cheesy flavour is top heavy on the fries, I think I would prefer them to be in a wider but shallower plate to spread the topping out more but it's not really a big issue.

We both had a soft drink with our meals which were £2.50 each. I really like how they are served in ice cold glasses which keeps the drinks cooler for a lot longer. We also asked for tap water (free), which comes in the same ice cold glass with a slice of lemon so I was happy with the drinks. One thing I have yet to try is a milkshake, I’ve heard good things and I’m a big milkshake fan but I’m always too full from the food. Maybe next time I’ll have to go just to get the shakes with no food.

IMHO: Okay so what do I think of Byron Burger overall? - I really like it. It’s in a good location on Deansgate and they have recently opened up a branch in the newly refurbed Corn Exchange. The burgers are cooked so well and there’s a good selection on the menu with an equally good selection of sides. And if you’re trying to be a bit healthier you can always go for the skinny burger! I think we roughly spent about £15/16 for a burger each, a drink each and a side split between us.

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  1. That B-Rex burger sounds proper delicious (another onion ring fan over here, and bbq sauce - yum!) I just did a quick search & found they have one in Exeter so may have to try at some point x


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