Sunday, 19 June 2016

3 Summer Hair Care Must Haves

It’s summer time and even the Great British weather seems to have actually acknowledged this fact for once. Manchester has been blessed with sunshine on more than one occasion, albeit it at the expense of having storms. But with great weather comes great hair responsibility. So here’s a little post on my 3 favourite, must have hair care products that I use to get me through those warm humid days.

 1.    Aussie Festival Fresh Dry Shampoo
Well to be honest I haven’t been using Aussie dry shampoo for too long, I tend to buy Batiste Dry Shampoo, which works perfectly. Any dry shampoo in general is a must have for summer (autumn, winter and spring too). However I love love love Aussie haircare products so I decided to get this one a few weeks ago. There are some ranges out there that just do not agree with me and just make my hair worse. But Aussie shampoo has always worked so well and oh my god how good does it smell? Well this dry shampoo is no different, it smells incredibly fresh and flowery and does the job just right.

2.    Got2b Beach Matt Salt Spray
This one I have been using for years, it is one of my favourite hair care products. I have that awkward hair type that’s half wavy and half a frizzy mess. So to keep the waves tame and keep the frizz at bay I use this sea salt spray, just a few sprays on slightly damp hair whilst scrunching and the waves stay in place…woo. Another thing I like to do a lot is wait until my hairs about half way dry then put it in plaits overnight and then use this the next morning after I un-plait to keep the waves in places.

3.    Mark Hill Taming Anti Humidity Spray
This is a brand new product to me, I’ve only been using it about a week but it has already made its way into my must have list. It’s designed to do exactly what you’d think, protect your hair against the elements. Due to my hair being naturally half wavy/frizzy I often straighten my hair within an inch of its life then look in the mirror as soon as I get to work and it looks like I’ve just clambered out of a hot sweaty bed. This is nothing short of a miracle as it has so far managed to keep my hair straight all day!

What are your favourite/ or go-to hair products in summer? Do you use any of these?

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