Sunday, 29 May 2016

Quirky Homeware

I am a little obsessed with homeware, I always seem to wander off to the homeware aisles in shops to the frustration of the boyfriend. Over recent years, especially in the last year, I have been building up my own homeware essentials. I have also had some things given to me as presents for birthday and Christmas. So I thought I would create a flat lay (because any excuse for a flat lay right?) of some of the cool and quirky things I have collected over the years.

Cacti are obviously a new (well I guess not so new) must have. I picked mine up from a little independent flower stall in Manchester. It’s hard to go wrong with a cactus, they look great and they’re so easy to take care of. Another thing you might notice are the butterbeer mugs. When you go Harry Potter world in London and buy a butterbeer you can choose to buy it in a plastic cup or a butterbeer tankard, so obviously I had to get the tankard and now I get to proudly display them on my shelves (even if butterbeer did not taste that great).

I’m not sure when this memo got sent around but apparently I like frogs. Or so it would seem from my little frog collection that has come from many places, including Thailand and Barcelona. I am now worried visitors will clock them and think I really like frogs and go buy me more frog paraphernalia. I have also gained some pretty quirky salt & pepper shakers too, the pacman ones I bought for the boyfriend whilst my sister got me lightbulbs ones. My family and I tend to buy each other quirky homeware items and honestly I’m beginning to lose space to put them, I may have to move into a bigger place to accommodate them.

What quirky homeware items do you own?

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