Sunday, 22 May 2016

Pretty Primark Pieces

Wow, like how good is Primark right now?! They have so many fun and stylish pieces in their SS range including slogan tees, cute skirts and all of the dungarees. It was really sunny the other day so I didn’t want to go straight home and as I work in central Manchester I thought – why not pop to the shops? Like we ever need an excuse to go shopping! I’d not been to Primark for a while so thought I’d try there first and then ended up staying for like an hour. Okay so let’s begin.

The first section I wandered towards was the homeware section, I feel like I’m magnetised towards this section every time I go in. I always subconsciously wander over then spend ages sniffing candles and touching blankets – but in a non-creepy way obviously. This French Vanilla one caught my eye as I’m loving all things with a sort of rose gold tint to it at the moment and this holder is so pretty, I love how fancy it looks for the bargain price of only £2.50! It smells ridiculously good as well.

The next thing I discovered was the black leather backpack. I have been looking for a little backpack on the high street for ages now so I was pretty excited when I found this, even more excited when looked at the price tag - £10! They’re sort of hipster looking and when you live in Manchester it helps to have a little hipster in you. Now I just need to nail down the rest of the look!

And finally the things I love the absolute most…MILKSHAKE PYJAMAS!!! My blog is called Minty Memories, originally it was called Mint Milkshake Memories (but I shortened it) as I love love love mint milkshakes and all other milkshakes really. So when I laid eyes on these bad boys I had to buy them! I think the bottoms were £6 and the top was £4. I’ve practically been living in them every night from the moment I get home from work, they’re so comfortable. Primark has some serious pyjama game going on right now, you have to go check it out. I want to buy so many more, how many pairs of pyjamas is too many?

All of this came to a grand total of £22.50, happy days. Have you picked up anything good lately?


  1. Great bargains! I need to visit the primark near me asap because I keep seeing so many people talk about the lovely things they've got stocked for Spring.

    1. I know, they've got so many cute things lately. I think I see anther trip on the cards soon :) x

  2. I can't believe how good all these picks look for their price! Primark is the! Thanks for sharing, I might need to pop into Primark now!


  3. I love primark !

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  4. Wow, these pieces you picked up are so cute! Going to head over to their site now haha!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  5. That candle sounds amazing!

    Parie x


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