Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Laura in the Lakes

So I mentioned in my previous post that when I am feeling stressed I like to go for a walk. Well, when I am really stressed I like to go for a really long walk. Around this time last year I had just moved to Manchester and was looking for a job which was proving to be difficult so I decided I wanted to get out of the city and go to the countryside for the day. I love the Lake District but hadn’t visited since I was a little girl so I did a little research and decided on visiting Keswick as I hadn’t been there before.

It was such a relaxing day. We arrived by mid-morning so we explored the village a little before stopping off for lunch. The village was so charming and pretty with ice cream parlours and cheese shops. We ate at a lovely little place called ‘Laura in the Lakes’ which was perfect not just because it had my name in the title but also because it had an outdoor seating area and the sun was beating down. We were sat right next to the market stalls so we got to people watch while eating. 

After lunch we went on a walk around one of the lakes. There are many lakes to choose from (six I believe) but we chose to go around Derwent Water and after some locals happily pointed us in the right direction we headed on down. We followed a winding path down to a field, after walking through the gate and around a bend the lake came looming into view. The views were breath-taking with the lake stretching on for what looked like miles and the mountains provided a beautiful back drop. It was just what I needed. We spent a few hours walking around the lake talking about nothing, stopping every now and then to skim pebbles and climb trees.

The Lake District is one of the most beautiful places I have visited, it is easy to see why many films have been shot there (including the new Star Wars which I just discovered after a quick Google search was filmed where I went!). It’s so nice to leave the busy bustling city and head back to the peace and quiet of the countryside. I’m planning another trip there soon now that the weather is clearing up and I can’t wait. Have you ever been to the Lakes before?

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