Wednesday, 25 May 2016

It's Lunch o'Clock at... Crazy Pedros

In the heart of Spinning Fields where some places are mainly about ‘being seen’ it is great to find an alternative restaurant which has a more casual feel about it. Not that there is anything wrong with the fancier places in Spinning Fields but it is good to have a more laid back option. Crazy Pedro’s has the quirky décor expected now in Manchester, with posters of bands like the Stone Roses on the ceiling and unusual framed cartoons on the walls. They like to call themselves a part-time pizza parlour and a full-time party bar - as the evening goes on it turns into more of a drinking establishment with doors staying open until 4am.

However I am here to talk about their lunch menu which is on 12-3pm every Monday to Friday. This is the first in my series on lunch menus, or just eating out at lunch, throughout Manchester. Every Friday it’s a bit of a tradition at work to go out for lunch and I have been to so many places now writing up on my experiences just seemed like the next natural thing to do. If I write up on them then I can justify eating out so much to myself and my bank balance – doing it for the research obviously!

So back to Crazy Pedro’s. I first ate here when I first moved to Manchester like a year ago now and have good memories of the pizza, we went during happy hour which is between 5pm till 9pm Sunday to Monday and includes offers like £10 a pizza, £2 a slice and 2 for 1 cocktails. Such a bargain! I haven’t actually ate there since then so when someone at work suggested going there for lunch I was more than happy to give it a go. 

They offer a £5 lunch deal which in Manchester these days is a pretty good offer as more and more places seem to be matching London prices. With the £5 lunch deal you can either have 2 slices of pizza, large nachos, or a hoagie (which is served with nachos) and any soft drink for a fiver or upgrade to beer for £1 extra. I chose to go for the pizza option with a soft drink, which comes served in a red cup like you see in the American movies. 

They usually have 3 or 4 different pizza options that you can choose from including whatever special they have on that month – when I visited they had one called Dreggs – a take on Greggs with sausage roll, baked beans and brown sauce. The bases are thin and crispy which I really like for a pizza and they have an interesting selection on flavours. The one I chose was the Kimbo Slice which has pulled pork, pepperoni, salami, ham, beef soaked frank, smoked bacon and sweet scotch bonnet sauce. The sauce didn’t feel too hot for me but I do like spicy food, one of the people I was with who’s a little more sensitive to spices said it had a bit of a kick, so I guess it’s dependent upon your spice tolerance.

IMHO: I love the pizza here with its thin bases and quirky toppings. One thing I have to say is I did leave there still feeling a little hungry so I would describe this as a light lunch option but for the money you’re paying it’s a great deal to find in central Manchester. 

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