Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Spring Outfit for Under £40

Spring is here! Even if the weather can’t decide whether it wants to shine, snow or storm. So even though the boyfriend keeps telling me there’s no such thing as a spring wardrobe (silly boyfriend) I am persevering and attempting to build one up. But obviously this costs money so it helps to be a bit thrifty and shop around to get good bargains. I love a good bargain, the less I spend on something the more things I can buy!

 Recently I keep seeing people wearing things that I really love and when I ask them where they got it from they smirk and say ‘Primark/George/Sainsbury’s/Tesco’s, etc.’ and I am always shocked because I always think they’re going to say something like Top Shop. So here is a post on an entire outfit I got from George at Asda all for under £40.

Firstly the grey top at £10. I am loving all things grey at the moment, it’s becoming a little obsession. I want grey clothes, grey bedding and grey furniture. This top is so cute, I love the white lace flower details along the sleeves and bottom and it’s quite a loose fit making it quite comfy. Next up are the ripped jeans at £20. I’ve been loving black ripped jeans all through Autumn/Winter but now the suns out I felt like it was time to get a pair of light blue ones. Finally the shoes at £6. These are just your basic black plimsolls that will go with many outfit.

So there you have it, a spring outfit all for under £40…£36 to be exact. What a bargain! What’s a must have in your spring wardrobe? Have you picked up any good bargains lately? Please let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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