Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Spring Favourites

Spring is that wonderful time of year where it gets a little easier to wake up in the mornings, we can start to shake off a few of those layers and it’s finally warm enough to enjoy a gin in a beer garden…just! I love waking up to a bit of sunshine, well maybe not always sunshine as I live in the North West of England but there is definitely day light and I am grateful. I found it so hard to wake up during those cold dark winter months and I like getting up early to fit a workout in, that way I can run straight to the pub after work and feel slightly less guilty. So here is a list of some of my favourite purchases I have made so far in spring.

1.       Daisy Pyjama Set (Boux Avenue £22)
I overheat so much during the night I am like a human radiator, which is great during those chilly winter nights but now the weather is warming up, so am I! So I needed to buy some new pyjamas. I was in Boux Avenue trying to find underwear when this cute set caught my eye. I love the daisy pattern on the shorts and the little bow on the top.

2.       Ribbed Cream Sleeveless Top (New Look £8)
The ribbed top has been a firm favourite of mine during winter, but spring is here now and long sleeves are not good for someone who overheats easily. I only took this top into the changing rooms at to try on with some dungarees but I fell in love with it – it’ll be great for work, shopping and going drinking with the girls.

3.       Striped Dolly Shoes (New Look £9.99)
Do you ever need an excuse to buy a new striped item? Well, if you do - its spring so shop away! Stripes are always a good idea so when I saw this pair I couldn’t resist. I love the cloth material they are made of and being a tall girl you can never have too many pairs of flats!

4.       Blue Handbag (New Look £20)
With spring comes a tidal wave of pastel colours. I was in the market for a new handbag and this one caught my eye from across the shop. I went back into New Look the other day and they have it in yellow, can I justify having the same bag in two colours?

5.       Triangle Bra (Boux Avenue £20)
So in case you’ve been living under a rock, triangle bras are the new bras on the scene. They have been all over my Instagram news feed and I have been lusting after one for some time now. I love the lace detail and at £20 it was a bargain not to be missed, or so I keep telling my bank balance.

6.       White Striped Plimsolls (New Look £9.99)
I buy a pair of these every year, they’re so cheap and cheerful! But then I end up wearing them to a festival or drum and bass night and they get destroyed and so the cycle begins. They are great for everyday use and look good with many different outfits, a definite spring must have!



  1. Great haul. I have been living under a rock because I was unaware that triangle bras are in. The bra looks great! X

    1. Thank you! Really? I swear at one point I could not scroll through my news feed without seeing one. I do love the bra, it's so pretty! xx


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