Saturday, 9 April 2016

New York Skyline

Everybody knows New York has one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. Walking around the bustling streets of New York you might get a crick in your neck as you constantly look up at all of the skyscrapers. And while it is a lovely view from the ground, the best way to see New York is from the sky. Two of the most famous place to see the skyline of New York is from the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock, which is the top of the Rockefeller Centre (not a giant rock in Central Park as I thought before I went – yes, I really did think that!). I have heard mixed reviews about which offers the best view so naturally I had to try both to form my own opinion. Well, when in Rome (or New York in this case).

Empire State Building
I went at one of the busiest times, Saturday evening on Easter weekend, so the queue was two hours long! I swore I would never go again, until I got to the top and saw the view that is. I wanted to see the sunset but as I underestimated that queue length I only managed to see the views in the dark. But that didn’t make the view any less beautiful! All of those lights sparkling way down below, with Times Square lit up like a beacon, it was a breath-taking view – and not just because the air was so chilly. You really begin to appreciate how tall the Empire State Building is when you look all the way down. We paid to go all the way to the top which was around $20 extra, however I don’t think you need to, you get just as good views from the 86th floor. You can instead use that money to buy yourself the VIP to the main deck, that way you can skip all of the main queues. 

Top of the Rock
I arrived at the Rockefeller about 10am, purchased my ticket there and was up at the top by about 11am. A lot quicker than the ESB. When I got to the Top of the Rock the sun was beating down and as we went early in the morning but the place was quite empty. It was honestly the most relaxing time I had while in New York, and the views were spectacular. Obviously a good advantage of going here is that you can see the Empire State Building in the skyline, and it’s beautiful to see. As it was so empty we got to capture many scenic pictures, goofy cliché touristy pictures and just sit back on the bench, catching the rays and soaking in the view. One really cool thing that I did not expect up there was the interactive light room. This had panels that lit up with movement which meant that I danced like a crazy person to activate it.

Both really did offer great views, I’m not sure if I can decide which one was the best as I went up at different times of the day but if I had to make a decision on which I enjoyed the most overall I would have to say the Top of the Rock. If you go to New York I would recommend you visit both.

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