Sunday, 3 April 2016

My First Marathon III

One Week To Go

Months of training, hours of running and moments of utter agony are almost over. There is now only one week to go until I take part in my first marathon – one week! I cannot believe how quickly time has passed since I first signed up for the London marathon on that fateful Sunday morning, still drunk from the night before. I failed to get a place there but I am instead running the Manchester marathon – one of the flattest marathons there is, which I useful as I am not the best hill runner yet (I know, I know, hill runs are important).

Training for the marathon has been tough and there have been many challenges, from just getting out of the door in the first place to pushing myself to keep going when my legs feel like they are about to fall off. I have been training with the boyfriend and I think that has been such a big motivator. If you are going to sign up to a marathon ask someone you know to do it too. Not only will you both be there to give each other a kick up the butt when you can’t be bothered training, but you’ll also be able to push each other when you’re out there.

The first race I took part in was the Manchester 10km last year and my aim was mainly to just cross the finishing line, hopefully in under an hour (which I did woo). Now I’m about to take part in my first marathon and I have a similar aim –cross the finish line in one piece, hopefully in under four and a half hours. I am starting to get quite nervous as the race date looms ever so quickly closer. I am particularly nervous about doing it on my own. However, I am also excited to finally cross that finish line and get my medal! I may get all dramatic and fall to my knees when it’s over, clutching the medal to my lips, or I might break down into tears of relief! Most likely I will head to somewhere that sells gin and a decent burger. See you in 26 miles!

Are you taking part in a marathon or running event this year?

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