Thursday, 31 March 2016

New York Diary

I’m not sure if you’ve heard me mention this or not but I went to New York last week! I had never been to America before (I had not even left Europe) so I was beyond excited. Being a big fan of TV shows like Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Sex and the City (major guilty pleasure) I could not wait to explore the city that never sleeps. I plan on doing several separate posts on particular parts of this city to hopefully offer some useful advice for those wishing to visit, but this post is going to be a quick diary style round up of how I spent my days in New York.

Day One

Well this was mainly spent travelling from Heathrow to JFK. Once we arrived we took the subway to our hotel, quickly got changed then got the subway to Brooklyn to watch a Basketball game at the Barclays Centre. This was amazing and I highly recommend seeing a game if you are in New York during basketball season. Think T-Shirt cannons, cheerleaders, foam fingers and nachos!

Day Two
We stayed in a hotel right next to Times Square so we headed there in the morning and then down Broadway. It’s just like you see on the television, bright lights, advertisements everywhere and bustling with people. We were still quite sleepy from the day before (we were up for 23 hours straight!) so we wanted to have a bit of a relaxing day. We explored midtown then made our way to the Rockefeller as we had tickets to see the Seth Meyers show.

Day Three
We started this morning by having a lovely 10km run around Central Park, which was a great way to see a lot of the park. The views are stunning and it was nice to see a bit of greenery in the concrete jungle. After the run we made our way downtown where we visited Wall Street, Battery Park and Brooklyn Bridge. We then went to Greenwhich Village which was so beautiful and of course I had to go see Carrie Bradshaws apartment – dream come true!

Day Four
On Friday we went on a walk around the Upper West Side. After breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes, naturally) we made our way to the Natural History Museum. This just so happened to be Good Friday so the place was heaving with noisy children but it was still really fun. That night we decided to be young and carefree and went on a night out in Hells kitchen, which was brilliant. There are so many bars and we made friends in every place we went to, even fitting in a terrible rendition of Wonderwall by Oasis in a karaoke bar.

Day Five
Hungover from the night before and slightly regretting the shots, we boarded the subway and made our way Downtown again. This time we visited Ground Zero which has been made into two enormous waterfalls with reflecting pools. Afterwards, we went to see the Statue of Liberty and explored the New York streets a bit more. At night we went up to the top of the Empire State Building; the views you get of New York are so breath-taking even at night, with all the lights sparkling way down below.

Day Six
Our last day…nooooo! We went to the Top of the Rock to see New York from above in the daylight. I loved the views from here and with the sun beating down on us it was so relaxing, I could have stayed there all day. We did a little more exploring on foot then grabbed lunch in Times Square and alas, our time in New York was over (after a very stressful subway ride to the airport – I am not a fan of the subway!).

New York was a slow romance for me. I think I had New York syndrome at the start, but as the week progressed I did fall in love with the city and I would like to return one day. Next time I’d like to check out Brooklyn and catch a show on Broadway, as well as discovering more of what Uptown has to offer. Have you ever been to New York or would you like to go?


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Happy Day in Cambridge

So yesterday it was International Day of Happiness, which recognises happiness as a fundamental human goal. So I thought I would write todays post about my happy day out in Cambridge. I love Cambridge, it’s a beautiful and romantic city. And this weekend we were lucky enough to get some spring sunshine, so I was very happy!

When I visit Cambridge I like to spend a day doing all of the tourist stuff, I never grow bored of it. Firstly I made my way to Kings College and picked up the usual ice cream from Toni’s ice cream stall and sat on the wall enjoying the views and the sunshine – happy! Not only is Kings College itself lovely but the buildings opposite are so full of charm and character.

After this relaxing stop I made my way to Mill Pond (stopping to check out the famous clock of course) where I sat on the bridge and watched the punts. I usually like to go on the punts and would highly recommend you have a go if you’re visiting Cambridge. I’ve been quite a few times and today I was in a lazy mood so I just wanted to sit and watch punts go by. I feel very content and happy at Mill Pond, it’s a very calming place.

So after all this sitting down relaxing all happily, I went on a stroll around the city. There’s so much history to explore, with many quaint and cute alleyways – it’s a great city to get lost in. I absolutely love the colourful buildings and always end up snapping a few.

So that’s my post on my happy day in Cambridge, which also happened to be the first day of spring! I hope you had a happy day as well, what did you get up to?

Monday, 14 March 2016

Liebster Award

I have only just found out about the Liebster Award a couple of days ago. It is a fun way to promote new up and coming bloggers while getting to know a bit more about each other at the same time! I was nominated by the lovely Kaitlin Louise, go check out her blog for blog tutorials and yummy baking recipes! This is how you accept the award:

1.       Thank the blogger who nominated you (thank you Kaitlin J) and link back to their blog
2.       Answer the 11 questions you have been asked
3.       Nominate 11 bloggers for the award
4.       Ask them 11 questions of your own

                 So without further ado, here are the questions Kaitlin asked me and my answers…

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years’ Time?
Hmmm, so in ten years’ time I’ll be 35…eek. So I guess I’ll probably be settling down after a decade of travelling and will hopefully be ready to start a family. But the older I get the further I push that age back so who knows!

What’s Your Favourite Colour?
I usually say purple but I’m loving a bit of yellow lately.

Do Your Family and Friends Know You’re A Blogger?
When I first started blogging I told no one, but assumed all other bloggers were open with their blogging. I’ve come to learn that a lot of bloggers also keep their blogging life separate from their personal life. Some of my friends and family know, the more I do it, the less I care about people finding out. Although I’m still not ready to tell everyone!

What’s Your Dream Job?
Well, if I could have absolutely any job in the world…I would have to say actress. Travel to exotic locations, dress up in cool outfits and costumes, and learn all about another person’s way of life. Plus all the money. But I don’t think I’d like the fame. So I’d go for the second option of Author. 

How Long Have You Been Blogging For?
I am what you would call a newbie, I’ve only been blogging since November last year.

If You Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would You Go?

What’s Your Favourite Quote?
I love ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain’. And ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. Just make the most out of the situation you’re in and try to be happy, life is too short.

Have You Made Any Friends While Blogging?
No I wouldn’t say I have as of yet, I’m still so new. But I would love to, I need to join in some Twitter chats when I figure out how the heck you do it.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
I am not a fan hot drinks. They just taste unnatural to me. That being said, I grew a bit bored of sitting in coffee shops with people, watching them enjoy a drink while I just sipped my water (or had too many calories packed Belgian Creamy Coolers). I also got really jealous of people warming themselves up on chilly days with a warm drink. So this winter just gone I have forced myself to love Hot Chocolate.

Who Are Your Four Favourite Bloggers?
I really like Holly White from Holly Loves the Simple Things. I love all of her social media platforms and I enjoy reading her articles. The girl has some style! I know this may be an obvious one but I like Zoella. I think she’s a great role model for young girls and I admire her for opening up about her anxiety, opening up the path for other people to share their stories and talk about mental health.

2 Things You Want To Achieve By 2016?
I want to travel to more countries than last year and finish my marathon. I am finally leaving Europe for the first time ever this month to go to New York (so excited!!!!). My marathon is next month so fingers crossed I will cross the finish line.

I now nominate:
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Here are your questions…

1.      Have you got any holidays booked this year?
2.      What was the last book you read?
3.      Chocolate or crisps?
4.      Top three television programmes?
5.      What is your favourite post you’ve written?
6.      What do you have for breakfast?
7.      Is there something you love that most people dislike?
8.      Do you do anything to stay fit?
9.      If you had to be an animal, what would you be and why?
10.  Are you more of a night clubbing or Netflix-binging person?
11.  Can you tell me one interesting fact about yourself?

Thursday, 10 March 2016

My First Marathon II

I am currently training for my first Marathon (scary!), which is the Manchester Marathon on the 10th April this year. Yes, that’s right, only 4 weeks and 3 days away! That’s actually the first time in a while I’ve counted how long is left, my heart is pounding a little!... *Deep breaths*… Moving on. I thought I would write a sort of mishap post about the things I have learnt or noticed so far.
If you have read my previous blog post My First Marathon you will know that this time last year I was pretty much the furthest thing away from being a runner. Sports and I have never really been best of friends, not mortal enemies but not exactly braiding each other’s hair on a Friday night. I moved to Manchester and signed up for the Manchester 10km and then got a bit giddy and thought I’d tackle a marathon. So here are some observations I have made during training…

1.    Mantras help
Mantras really can help, despite how corny they are! My favourites include ‘you’re running laps around the people sat on the sofa’ and ‘a bad run is better than no run’.

2.      Running becomes your life
Okay, so I knew it was going to take a lot of effort, but it really can feel like it’s taking over your life. Especially at the beginning. I was running 4 times a week and when I wasn’t running I was talking about running and when I wasn’t talking about running I was probably thinking about running. Or Chocolate.

3.    The short runs can be the hardest
Seeing a short run on your training plan can be a thing of beauty. However, sometimes the short runs are a bigger pain in the arse than long runs. I have ran a 10 mile run and felt like I had the energy to just keep going, whilst other days I have struggled SO MUCH with a 40 minute run.

4.      Rest week was not as good as expected
So during my training plan you get an easy week to allow your body time to adapt and recover. I was counting down the days for this week. But by the end of it I felt so sluggish and could not wait to put some more miles in.

5.    You won’t do every run
At the beginning I was quite strict with the plan, not missing a run for anything. But as most training plans are around 16 weeks long, you are going to miss a run! Life happens. Sometimes you end up working late, you make last minute plans, you have events you have to go to or tram after tram is cancelled…whatever the reason is, it’s extremely hard to fit in every single run.

6.      Learn to dance in the rain
Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Or run in this case.  Previously I would see a rainy day as a wonderful get out clause for that nights run. Training throughout winter you just have to suck it up and run. Whether that be through the strong winds, the pouring down rain or even the cold, cold snow. 

I have so many more things to write about but I am conscious of the size of the post, so I will wrap this up now. I will be writing a post every week in the run up to my marathon with more observations, learnings and emotional breakdowns! Are you training for anything?
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