Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Trio of Panckes

I LOVE PANCAKE DAY!!! What’s not to love? Every year I tend to just make pancake after pancake, putting on a variety of toppings, even testing out Jelly Babies back in the University days. This year I decided to adopt a more structured approach and made a trio of pancakes, which included a starter, a main and, of course, a big old chocolatey dessert! So without further ado, here is what was on this year’s menu.

Starter – Lemon Pancake
So for the starter we went for the classic lemon pancake. This is a big favourite of the boyfriends so he insisted it went on the menu somewhere. I usually use bottled lemon juice but this year I decided to go fresh, partly because I thought it would taste better and also partly because it would look so aesthetically pleasing (classic blogger).

Main – Sweet Potato Pancake
I have never really done a savoury pancake before but usually I find that too many normal ones can get a bit repetitive and sickly sometimes (in retrospect that may just have been the Jelly Babies). So I looked online and immediately fell in love with this one (recipe here). It was sort of like having a sweet potato version of those smiley potatoes you got as kids. I also had some sour cream and chive dip and some green beans on the side.

Dessert – Chocolate Madness Stack
You can’t do Pancake Day without having a chocolate flavoured pancake. It’s just unnatural. And as I am giving up chocolate for lent I felt I had to have a proper goodbye. I am not a big fan of Nutella (sorry everyone) so I used Dairy Milk chocolate spread for the filling. On top I used mini marsh mallows and Maltesers, then I drizzled over chocolate and strawberry sauce. 

I loved mixing up some sweet and savoury pancakes this year. What flavours did you go for this Pancake Day?

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