Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My First Marathon

So this post is a bit different to ones I’ve done previously. I recently started training for my first marathon and I thought I’d write a short post about my journey so far and possibly follow it up with some updates along the way.

This time last year I could barely run a mile without desperately gasping for breath, clinging to my side and thinking longingly of the chocolate stash I had back home. In March 2015 my boyfriend and I relocated to Manchester and I discovered the Manchester 10k. I was sick of starting and giving up running time and time again so I signed us both up. My reasoning was that if we had a race booked in the calendar then this would motivate us to stop watching Big Bang Theory repeats, get off our backsides and run! And surprisingly it worked. We both ran three days a week and with a race date looming towards us we felt too guilty to miss a run.

Since then I have kept up a running routine and actually refer to myself as… a runner (queue dramatic music). My work offered us a chance to take part in Men’s Health Survival of The Fittest, so in November this year I worked my way through a 10km obstacle course and collected a nice set of bruises and a lot of freebies along the way.

I then signed my boyfriend and I up to the Virgin London Marathon (poor boyfriend, it’s never his idea). A few months later I came home to find a congratulations pack in my letter box, I was so happy, what are the chances?! Alas, it was not for me - the boyfriend had secured a place and I hadn’t! So the poor guy is now training for a huge race he didn’t particularly want to do, oops Undeterred I went on a marathon hunt and found that there is one in Manchester on the 10th April which is around the same time as the London Marathon (24th April).

I have chosen to use the Intermediate 17 Week Training Plan from the Virgin London Marathon website as this seemed achievable for myself. After a few setbacks at the beginning of the plan (I got a knee injury) I am back on track. I feel like running has slightly taken over my life at the moment so it seemed right to write a blog post about it!


  1. Good luck with your marathon and to your boyfriend too! aha xx

  2. Oh my goodness, props to you! Sounds like so you've come so far with this, good luck with marathon!

    Elesaurus |

    1. Thank you very much! It's hard work but hopefully it'll be worth it :) xx


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