Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cereal Cafe

So I’ve been a busy little bee this weekend visiting friends in London (wish I could have stayed forever) so todays blog post is going to be a quick little post on a place called Black Milk Cereal in Manchester. Black Milk Cereal is this amazing cereal café (hipster) in Affleck’s Palace (more hipster) in the Northern Quarter (thee most hipster of hipster). 

I have been a few (maybe more than a few) times and I absolutely love it there. It’s a small little café in the middle of an alternative department store and the guys who work there are super friendly. They sell American and European cereal in a big variety of different mouth-watering ways. You can order a single bowl, a super bowl or three slider bowls. You can have a small, medium or large bowl. You can choose from one of their cocktails of cereals on the menu, such as The Mighty Mochatoa which has Cocorocks, Chocapic, Caramel Shreddies with caramelised white choc, waffle, vanilla coffee milk and salted caramel sauce (sounds delicious right?) Or you can make up your own combination of cereals and toppings. As if all this wasn’t enough, they also do…I hope you’re sat down for this…CHOCOLATE BOWLS!!! That’s right, a bowl, made out of chocolate, that you can eat! Dream. Come. True. 

As you may know (or have guessed from my blog name) I am a HUGE fan of milkshakes. And boy does Black Milk Cereal deliver on milkshakes! Again, you can choose from some items on the menu or you can choose whatever combination of deliciousness you want! The big stars of the milkshake menu are the Hard Shakes, check out their Instagram to see their delicious pictures. I have not yet had one but I plan on going soon and having a Terry’s Gone to Rehab, which involves a filling of terry’s chocolate orange, vanilla and chocolate milk and a high rise (topping) of Terry’s chocolate orange, Hershey’s chocolate sauce and white chocolate cream finish. What more could a girl want?


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Weekend In Chester

Chester is such a beautiful city full of charm and history. I love visiting and now my sister has moved back there I get to visit all the time! This weekend me and my family went there to celebrate my Mums birthday (she swears she’s 21 again). We went to Chester Fields on Saturday night, which is a lovely country pub and restaurant just on the outskirts of the city. The food was absolutely delicious, the best meal I've had in a while. And the staff were so lovely, putting up balloons before we arrived and they had no trouble switching a meal when one of our party realised they’d ordered incorrectly. Everyone had a drink but I stuck to my Dry January woo.

On the Sunday I went to a milkshake bar called Funky Cow, which I love! They have such a huge range of milkshakes available, including Kinder Beuno, Oreo and Maltesers, so basically it’s heaven on earth. This time I had a mint aero milkshake, which is one of my favourites as you may be able to tell from my blogs name.

Finally I did a little exploring of the city centre, there’s so many quirky shops and old Tudor style buildings. I had to rush a little as I had a long run planned that day (got to make up for the milkshake) but I’m sure I will be back again soon!


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My First Marathon

So this post is a bit different to ones I’ve done previously. I recently started training for my first marathon and I thought I’d write a short post about my journey so far and possibly follow it up with some updates along the way.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Harry Potter Haul

Okay so I am a big lover of Harry Potter, have been since 1997. I love the books, the films and I cannot wait to see the play! Over Christmas time I received some Harry Potter themed presents (and I bought some of my own). So I thought I would put together a short post showing you all the goodies I got. The above picture is a Dobby pillow case. I love the rag like material, it reminds me of something Dobby would have worn himself. And the rainbow colours are so pretty and magical!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New Years In Dublin

I've been wanting to go away over New Years for… well, too many years now. But things have always got in the way, like having to work or lack of funds! When I realised I got twelve days off over the Christmas period this year I jumped at the chance to book a holiday. So me and my boyfriend, along with my brother, sister and my sister’s boyfriend, booked a four night stay in Dublin. We stayed in a lovely apartment at Spencer Dock Apartments, which is just a twenty minute walk from the city centre or a ten minute tram ride. And the tram stop was right outside the building, which came in very handy for us as there was what they called a ‘family of storms’ while we visited.
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