Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Haul

It's Christmas time!!!! I didn't intend on doing a Christmas haul post but I went shopping this weekend and the festive spirit took over. Four hours later I'm falling through the front door, arms loaded, hair a mess and a big smile on my face! I found some really great stuff that I wanted to share with you and they were all such good bargains. I forgot to keep the receipts to write this post (d'uh) and can't remember all the prices but I will put the ones that I know in the captions.

Next Candle Holder - £3.50
Primark Set of Three Bronze Tea Lights
Next Red Bowl - £6 and Next Festive Scented Pot Pourri
Primark Heart Shaped Wreath - £3 and Red Tea Lights - £1.30 
I went a bit mad with candles this year (big surprise). Primark always has a large selection of affordable candles. I picked up red tea lights and two large red candles, both festive spice scented. Next also had a good range but they were a bit more pricey. My flat currently smells like Santas Grotto and I love it!

Asda Hedgehog Tree Ornament - £3 
Asda Pack of Twenty Five Bauble - £6
I originally wanted to get my baubles from Next but they were all sold out in store. So I ended up getting them from Asda. They had a huge range of baubles with lots of different colours and styles so you can choose almost any theme for your tree, I went for black and gold this year. They also had a good selection of bedding at a reasonable price. The one I got was £12 whereas all the ones I saw in Primark were £18.

Primark 'Let It Snow' Pyjamas 
Àsda Duvet Cover - £12 and Primark Set of Two Red Cushions - £7
Primark Red Heart Slipper Boots - £6
Primark Set of Three Christmas Sock and Set of Three Penguin Socks
The pyjamas are so soft and cosy. Primark has a huge range of pyjamas, including shorts and big shirts too if your house is too warm for a long fleece set. And as always, they have lots and lots of themed socks! I want to say the sets above were £2 each but I'm not entirely sure.

Poundland Red Stocking - £1 each
I think my favourite top three items are the hedgehog, the pot pourri and the pyjamas. Hopefully this may have given you some good ideas on what to get or at least put you in a festive mood! I’d love to know where you got your decorations or other festive items from, I tried to fit all my shopping in one trip but would like to pick up a few more things before the big day. Please leave a comment below...


  1. These look very lovely, love the decorations!

    xoxo Emily

  2. That little hedgehog ornament is so cute! I love that duvet cover as well. I'm so sad Christmas is over :( I've been working so it doesn't feel like ever really came! xx

    Beth | Alphabeth


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